Do you need connections to work in Taiwanese companies?


Hey guys,

I’m currently working in a small taiwanese tech company.
Due to my working permit will be terminate soon. I need to find another job asap.

Is it because foreigners are too expensive to hire or i need some other connections? job is so hard to find :frowning:


Yes to both. Yes, it is hard.


Ask around at work if your colleagues know some places they could introduce you. A bunch might be moving after CNY maybe you can join them?

Walk around the trade fairs, tell them you’ve been doing X y z in the industry, they may well be interested to hire you.

Foreigners wage might be 47k/math minimum but it’s not a huge number for tech business right?

Apply for jobs on 104 and get your cv translated into Chinese.

If electronics a lot of jobs might be in hsinchu or Taoyuan etc.

I started with no connections but I either moved around with colleagues or got hired on 104. Eventually i was here so long I knew most of the companies and govt organizations…takes time.

You should have six months to find another position before you are thrown out of the country.

Finally…a lot of the jobs open up AFTER Chinese New Year so get working the cv and connections NOW.