Do you need TEFL to kick off in Taiwan?

Is a B.A. or even LLB good enough ?

Any three/four year(depending on your country of origin) degree is good enough. A TEFL/TESOL/CELTA may make you feel better about teaching though. There are a few places that do ask for those qualifications but those that don’t far outnumber them. If you’re under 30, tall, blonde and blue eyed, a number of places will be more likely to hire you.

Courses such as CELTA,DELTA, TEFL, TESOL etc etc are not really required by most schools in Taiwan. Generally a 4-year degree is enough to teach in Taiwan. A teaching certififcate from your home country state or province back in your country is required to teach in “public” schools. However, most Buxibans (cram schools) could care less if you had TEFL et al, much less actually know what it’s about. I didn’t worry about a teaching certificate either from my home state in the USA or any kind of TESOL, TEFL, etc when I came to Taiwan and it hasn’t hurt at all. However, that being said, when you get tired of Taiwan and start browsing for teaching gigs in OTHER countries, most of them DO want TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, Trinity or something along those lines. Go to Daves ESL Cafe website ( and look at the international job board. Almost every ad requires TEFL or TESOL, CELTA, etc in addition to the degree and many require BA/BS degrees in Education/English. Other countries are much more credential-conscious than Taiwan. Does that mean teachers are less qualified here? Well, I won’t stray to that debate in this thread, just advising what schools do and don’t care about in Taiwan, certification-wise.