Do you regret getting a Tattoo?

[Poll for people with tattoos] Do you regret getting a Tattoo?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’d be interested in finding out how many Forumosans got a tattoo in the past and now regret it… Also, since women change their minds more often, do they regret more than men?

Turlingtons Lower Back Tattoo(Tramp Stamp) Remover…
“Because it won’t be cool…forever” … Tattoo.wmv

that’s a funny clip! I have 13 NT$50-size tatts on my body. I regret getting one of them, but it really doesn’t bother me.

I DO regret getting two on my wrists while I have a nutty pup in the house. She keeps on going for it…wanting to lick it or scratch it. Oh well, if she takes off a scab prematurely at least I will remember her for life! :slight_smile:

I’ve had one since 1965. Its my nickname so no problem. Its the only one I got. :sunglasses:

No regrets.

It was kind of a dark time in my life, when I was basically angry at the world. So now I’m stuck with something that doesn’t really harmonize with who I am today: Hello Kitty on my posterior. (If I clench I can make her kiss Dear Daniel.)

Absolutely zero regrets. It’s original. It’s me. It’s part of who I am.

Only been 3 years but still happy. It is easily covered and inoffensive, plus original design means I won’t see it on someone else’s bod at the beach or gym.

No regrets. All my own original designs. Planning more…

FTP on one shoulder, King Billy 1690 on the other, the tricolour on my back and the red hand of Ulster centered in a Union Jack on my chest.
I was a conflicted child and yes, I regret it.

Only the one that says “Welcome to Australia, hope you have a nice day” which is in a discreet location.
I considered gettin “W” on each ass cheek so that when I bent down naked it said “WOW” (or “MOM” if i was doing a naked handstand)

I’ve got the first line of the TaoTeChing on my shoulder, which is cool cause I’m unlikely to outgrow a 2,500 yr old book of philosophy. BUT, I do regret the way it was done–some of the characters don’t look so hot, of course the guy doing it couldn’t read/write Chinese, but I thought it wouldn’t matter since he was just tracing the calligraphy I’d brought in. Gonna look into getting it touched up (if possible) while here.

I had a close call with a tattoo… As a young impetuous student, I’d saved up the cash and a tattoo guy rumoured to be the biz was visiting our uni town… At the last minute a mate of mine begged me to switch appointments with him since he had to write exams or something, I agreed postponing my appointment by one day… I forget what calamity happened but for some reason I extremely reluctantly missed my rescheduled appointment…

Suffice to say that had I actually had the design that I’d drawn done, a design and location that at the time was just undeniably the best possible tattoo ever, I wouldn have been kicking myself to this day about it… to top that off the mate who switched appointments with me had both the chops he had done that day smudge and deform into indistinct blob shapes within a year…

very close call… :astonished: :unamused:

File Transfer Protocol?
Wow that’s possibly the geekiest tattoo ever! :bravo:

I once saw a Biker at a Biker Bar (in Falkland BC) with a tattoo of Mr. Dressup making out with the Friendly Giant :astonished: That was the strangest tattoo I have ever seen. I’m sure the guy regretted getting that tattoo. I wasn’t about to ask him though. WTF does that tattoo mean?

What about Johnny Knoxville - do you think he regrets getting his face tattoed on his back?

It wasn’t JK, but I remember the clip you mean. I think it was Steve-O and I seriously suspect he will never regret it. :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Now the offroad tattoo…that was silly.

I knew a guy who got his band

My ex-girlfriend had a tattoo on her arm that I designed…she was young…only 19, and we had the worst break-up ever…havent spoken since (8 years). I thought about sending her sanding paper in the mail!

I had thought about having my company logo tattooed on my posterior and streaking at a large sporting event as an interesting way of resigning. The downside of course is that you would be stuck with the tattoo, and everyone would know how small my willy is :blush: