Do you remember when.....?

Listen, Give Me A Break, I’ve been here since before you were even a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. You’re so cruel and spiteful, trying to deny us old folks our fun, but I know its just jealousy, see?

This thread seems to be for old farts and codgers, so what’s a young whippersnapper like you even doing here, eh? Eh?

Gwaaan, get the fuck off of our porch afore I take a stick tae yer pimply backside, ye lippy wee pup, ye.

Yes those shiny-helmeted chaps who used to stand on the bridges between Yong He and Taipei. I was told they were intended to be the last line of defence against the Mongol hoardes of invading Chinese charging from Taipei to Zhong He / Yong He. Completely unnecessary of course, one look at the ramshackle shanty town that was Yong He at the time and they’d have hightailed it back to the decadent splendor of Taipei City. We were safe enough.


The deal with the guards on the bridges into Taipei was to report large, unscheduled military movements into town, a leftover from the paranoid coup d-etat fantasies of CKS. They yanked those guys after one of them was murdered for his M-16 about 10 years ago.

OHhhhh I’ve been here soooooo long. Give it a rest ye gobshites. No I’m not in the slightest bit jealous, should I be? Was that the aim of the topic? I’ve been here two years now and am leaving next month, this posting was a stepping stone to better things, maybe you guys have missed yours? It’s not a bad place to live, but if I really wanted to stay in Asia long term, it wouldn’t be very high on my list. So guys, wise up, take a look at yourselves and ask why are you still here?

Hey Paogao. Thanks for that intellectual reply. Sorry to burst your bubble but I am not a newbie, but I have not been here for decades(twinkle twinkle). As I said before this forum is for four posters, but wait I see two new people WOW. Keep up the stories would, polite or otherwise. Maybe you have been here too long, this is your only source to amuse yourself.

[quote=""]I have not been here for decades…
…this is your only source to amuse yourself.[/quote]
I have not been here for decades, either. Not quite yet, anyway. Hartzell’s been here for a full decade longer than I have. I know several people who have been here longer than I have, actually, but I am a firm believer that it’s not all how long you’ve been here, but how you’ve spent your time here. You could be here for 30 years teaching English or working for an international company and living in the same place, never venturing out of Taipei or experiencing Taiwan, but you could also be here for only a couple of years and experience a lot more of this culture. It just depends on the person.

Oh, by the way, I find this forum and the people in it very amusing, I must say.

Yes but who is or was this Jenny Lai person. The name seems familiar. Do I still have a chance to get conned by her? Is it fun?

I guess you toothless old crones all remember the decent original cartoons that there used to be in the China News some time before it changed its name to Taiwan News.

I actually worked at the China News before it was the Taiwan News. The cartoons were drawn by Tim O’brian, aka TKO. He left after a disagreement with the boss, after which the paper, by then the Taiwan “News”, was reduced to using Yufu’s awful regurgitated cartoons which offended pretty much everyone.

I’ve never heard of Jenny Lai, either. Who is/was she?

Wasn’t Jenny some kind of self-styled hotshot agent for placing English teachers?

I’ve never heard of Jenny Lai and I knew all the English teacher brokers in the late 80s. Or did I? Talking of this kind of scam, does anyone remember Wendy Ng? She used to do this kind of thing, she had a sister in the same business, called her school Wam Bang (really!). One of her favorite ways to make money was “stewardess training” where girls who wanted to get a job with an airline would go and brush up their “coffee, tea or me” dialog. Teaching these classes was kind of tough, imagine being a single male in your mid-20s facing row upon row of leggy 20-year old goddesses hanging onto your every word.
PS, Paogao mentioned Buffalo Town: Hell, we could have a whole thread of BT stories alone. Wolf Reinhold, currently losing his ill-gotten gains in Las Vegas, could fill a couple of pages himself.

If Jenny Lai is the Jenny I’m thinking of, she had her office somewhere around the corner of Heping and Roosevelt, close to the old Roxy, around '89.

There must be others that remember Made In Taiwan, the rock band that played Farmhouse and other places in the 80s. Is there any other band around these days that can play an old rock cover the way they did? Where? I’m really longing for a place where I can get some good live rock’n’roll to go with my beer.

ahhh, the good old days??? (dunno about that) but topless nudies on betel nut boxes…not having to wear motocrycle helmets while driving through taipei city…ahhh…and people buying bags upon bags of rice cause the commies were undoubtably gonna attack in '96! lol

and the roxies of days gone by…the new one bites…it’s so normal…

I was in Taiwan from 1982-1990. I still have a Made in Taiwan tape. I remember another band called the Typhoons as well who played in Shilin market and next to the Chongshan police station.
We used to hang out at the original AC/DC, Bushiban and other pseudo Western wooden benched bars and illegal underground dance clubs.
From reading the experience of others, maybe things haven’t changed that much.
The stange thing about Tiananmen protests was first students were discouraged from going, then they were required, and then CKS got too busy and demands were made to the KMT and then people had to go home again.

When Roxy was King, AC-DC’s movie selection was the best and their roof top was cool, when Tom’s wasn’t a gay bar, when university students were beaten by the police for drinking in ‘foreign clubs’, when the strip shows in the Combat Zone needed the rolling down of the ‘shutters’, when DV8 just started-with the bar facing the door, condoms were ‘security’, when Dr. Irick kicked ass (probably yours), foreigners with Taiwanese girlfriends were laughed at in a nice way (whores!), Solar System was the best MTV, the steam rollers on Hin-Yi Rd. just crushed your favorite movie, Firefox meant sex, Buffalo Town meant any kind of sex, foreigners waved and beeped at each other, the NT$ was at 28.8/1. Life was good and filthy back then, anybody else remember?

remember a few of those Harry! it’s safe to say Taiwan has changed a bit

My experiences are a bit different tfrom those of you who came here and went to Shida… I went to Fu Jen and that was a totally different area and culture…

But I do remember the Chung Hua Bazaar and I was married in 1989 here and remember the 6/4 reaction and the solidarity with Chinese students then.

I also remember the 4th of July parties at the old TAS in Shih Lin… they were a blast… unlike the events now at the new TAS.

This is a great thread. I can only look forward to the day when I have enough nostalgia to share. Only four years on the island.

What do I remember?

9/21 Earthquake
Chen Shui Bian being elected head dork.
and … oh hell, I lead a boring life

I first came to Taiwan in 1999, not so long ago, but I have a few to contribute.

There were only two English newspapers – the China News (now the Taiwan News) and the China Post.

The Panchiao Railway Station was above ground. was called

oh yeah and was

Do you remember when the Lai Lai in Ximending was the only department store in Taipei?