Do you take the labels off your electronics?


I was at a Taiwanese friend’s house the other day and noticed the plactic wrapping still present around the base of his lamp. That reminded me of how I would see stickers labels of the product all over phones, TVs, VCRs, etc. On one extreme I remember seeing a TV label that covered the upper corner of a TV screen. When they bought the TV they never removed it!


My girlfriend doesn’t take the plastic off the seat of her scooter, becuase, you know, it ‘protects’ it.



Oh man, it really is some twisted logic, isn’t it? I asked my friend why he still had the plastic wrapping around his 20 year old dining room table legs and chair legs. Of course, it was “to protect them”. Why? “So that they’ll always look good.” Of course the fact that those good looks have been obscured by the packaging for over 20 years seems to have been lost on my friend. I have also noticed friends unable to read the screen of their da-ge-da clearly because they were loathe to remove the protective film. And of course the expensive television sets with 20% of the screen covered with “IT’S A SONY” stickers…
I also remember many years ago it was the height of fashion to buy an expensive suit, and then leave the sleeve tag displaying the designer’s name on… For some reason, that fashion seems to have died out…


I also save people from years of “it’s a sony”.


I used to remove all the stuff before I came to Taiwan, but for some odd reason sense I’ve been here I tend to leave it on…



People leave the covers on because at any moment we might have to retake the mainland!


That’s not only a “problem” in Taiwan but most of Asia - and I hate it.
I will always rip-off any plastic covers immediately, even the stuff isn’t mine …


the worst is when people leave big labels (“this product is made of new material only” -oooh yay!) on stuffed animals. sometimes the tag is bigger than the little plush bear himself, but you know, it might hurt him to cut it off or something.