Do you think Mitag will cause flight delays to China?

In Shanghai right now for work, and my partner is coming to visit from Taiwan on Monday night. Obviously a little concerned with the typhoon, how likely do you think it is that flights will be delayed or cancelled and if they are, how do flight refunds work? I know with some things you don’t get refunds due to acts of nature but not sure about flights in Taiwan. It’s Eva air if that matters.

The thread where we usually keep all the info regarding typhoons is this one:

The current problem is that even thought Mitag’s approach (landfall?) is possibly just 36 hours away, the sudden East/North turn makes it hard to have a reliable estimate of both trajectory and intensity. Current forecast is between severe tropical storm and category 1 typhoon, passing very close to Taiwan and then move in direction of Shanghai/Korea.

If I had to take a guess, I’d say it’s not unlikely for tomorrow to have some issues with flights in the Taipei/Shanghai route, but airlines tend to have updates before anyone else so your best bet is to give them a call. Don’t be too surprised if you call them now, they tell you:“No worries, all good” then later this evening or tomorrow morning the flight gets cancelled or delayed.

If it’s EVA equipment and not a codeshare with a Chinese airline then it’s much more likely to take off. Chinese airlines are extremely cautious with flights to and from Taiwan in bad weather. EVA will (attempt to!) take off in anything…

Except when their union leader tells them to take the month off, of course.

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I landed at Seatac on an EVA Air flight couple weeks ago, in a stiff quartering wind strong enough to make the plane shudder and me uneasy. No idea where the pilot was from, but the landing was stuck like a Romanian gymnast. Impressively skillful flying, remarkable really. Memorable.

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EVA pilots (and China Airlines too) are forced to go where no man will go so they get pretty good at it. Stiff butt holes required for the job.

It’s Eva air 722, not cancelled yet despite many other Eva flights before and after it being cancelled. Pray for me.

Looks like your prayers have been answered so far;

On my way to pick her up now! Woohoo

Better hurry up!