Do you wash your meat?

Always make sure the meat is clean before putting it in your mouth; you never know where it’s been

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My grandmother always advised not just to wash it, but if it was tough, you should also beat your meat

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I used to work in an airport in Australia, we worked 12 hours a day. One of my workmate was from England, we stayed in a share dorm with 3 other people in the room. The English guy would keep his clothe on after a 12 hours shift, and sleep just like that, then showered in the morning. He did not smell though, but still shocking stuff.

Or if you’re sticking your meat anywhere else. :bowing:

Gotta be careful though; don’t want to lose all those delicious juices

I found found this to be common with my ex girlfriends who are white. I wouldn’t say they smelled bad but I just can’t do it with someone not showering and coming into bed.

Idk for me, I shower a lot. I enjoy it and it feels good to be clean.

Also eating in bed is a no go. I can’t sleep if there’s a single crumb on the sheets. Seeing people put their feet with outside shoes on the foot of the bed was also a shocker for me.

What’s the Napoleon quote about Josephine not washing? It’s horses for courses. Some like it ripe.

When I went to college I discovered a majority of my white friends were exclusively morning showerers. Only one of my white friends shared my evening shower habit.

I, on the other hand, can’t comfortably go to bed without a shower and brushing my teeth. It just sounds intolerable to me. My bed is a clean-clothes-and-people-only zone…

I’ve heard this a lot about whities, so it must be a thing.

I can’t imagine not showering twice a day. It feels uncomfortable to me. And I have a high tolerance to BO. Halitosis is something I can’t tolerate.

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Hear hear. The smell of sweat doesn’t bother me at all. But bad breath? That be nasty.

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Besides washing your meat, you should also break up your hamburger and have a look through it before use.
In Canada I have found bits of Nitrile gloves and styrofoam in hamburger.

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I think you just ramped up everyones OCD sharing that…nasty.

Back to loofa. The gourd. If they are cut into a slice and ope ed up length wise exposing the seed pockets they dry if shook in like 15 minutes. I use them to shower as well. One taiwan custom is to use them dry and rub your body down then shower. Actually quite effective.

I’m white and I have always showered before bed and after waking up. My family always took our shoes off before going inside the house too. Maybe my family is just different.

Talk about nastiness from mold…if you have kids, throw away any rubber bath toys. Cut one open and see how much mold and nasty gunk is inside! Gross, gross, gross.

Regarding actual meat…the USDA suggests not washing or rinsing it because it can cross contaminate other things when prepping and cooking. Just cook it at the correct temp to kill anything harmful.

I used to organize a monthly pot luck barbeque at work. One of the guys brought a large tupperware container full of steaks in marinade. When we started to put them on the barbeque, it was a little bit disgusting to find that some of them had blood pads that were still stuck on. :face_vomiting:

My wife was horrified that I didn’t shower before going into bed.

I explained that it’s normally below 10 celsius where I’m from, not about 25 - If I were sweating I would be like a walking icicle.

Now I’m in Taiwan I shower three times a day lol.

And again, in London I got my meat from a butcher who knows the farmer, no need to wash it there. Never frozen, some even shot the same morning. Here I’m yet to make the acquaintance of a butcher so I just do what my wife says, which is wash everything.

I think it’s wise to wash meat. I’ve found the meat from the supermarket in Taipei seems to have almost no smell. Possibly due to that deodoriser pouch thingy inside some of the packets, but they could be spraying something on there to make it last a bit longer too. I know in Sydney a few dodgy butchers got into trouble a while back for spraying some sort of sulfite mixture on the meat to make it last longer.

I even wash the imported beef I buy from Australia now, never used to do that in Sydney.

Christ alive! I hadn’t heard of that. Thanks for the heads up.

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For me, it’s not just about the sweat. Body produces natural oils and bacteria festers in certain areas that are warmer and don’t get air. I’m just really sensitive to smell, most European women produce a bit more body odor than I’m used to. They usually can’t smell it on themselves but I can.

Some men naturally smell good to me. Even their body odor can be kinda nice. Maybe it speaks to the animal inside. But it really depends on the guy…