Doberman pinscher

I am looking for a reputable Doberman Pinscher breeder, any suggestions greatly appreciated.

I don’t believe I have seen one in 20 years here!

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen one here, either.
Do you know how to say doberman pinschers in Chinese? Maybe I can try asking around.

try “labrador” or “husky’ lol. maybe 'sharpei” I seen a great dane once, and maybe a shephard once, though i gotta be remembering that wrong.

A rescue group in Taichung called TUAPA has had some dobermans. The people who adopted them and brought them to Taiwan abandoned them because they are too big. They were first abandoned to the government shelter and immediately put on death row because it is one breed they will not let people adopt. But our friend somehow talked them out of killing them and got them out with the understanding they would be sent abroad to a doberman rescue group in the USA. This kind of dog is really inappropriate for Taiwan. If you do find one, please be prepared to keep it for life.

I’ve seen two in my travels of Taiwan. Separate occasions. However I can’t recall where I saw them.
I do remember noting to myself that they were both very healthy and obviously looked after well.
Good luck finding one. I think it’s going to be difficult.

A foreign guy that came to my vet in Sanxia has two, haven’t seen him around though as I didn’t need to take the dogs for check-ups yet …

… and in Belgium you won’t recognize them anymore as clipping the ears and tail is outlawed now …


I’ll say it again: please consider adopting over buying.

Warning: Reputable and breeder do not go well on the same sentence here. Please proceed with extreme caution, as the quality of the product will not be what you expect abroad. This industry is completely unregulated here and almost all “breeders” are not recognized anywhere else in the world. You will be walking into a world of pain, for which you will pay more than thrice what you would pay abroad for a certified, healthy and happy animal.
My cousin had the loveliest doberman pincher, who lived to an old ripe age. I can’t bear to see what they do to such lovely animals after what I’ve seen done to Chihuahuas, pugs, Maltese and other small breeds.

I can assure you the doggie you adopt has seen a vet before being given to you. A dog you buy at a pet store most probably hasn’t. Really.

Take your time to research over and over again. Ask around, not only here, but in dog forums in local languages. Ask training schools, they might have a good reference. Approach this issue like buying a used car: with deep distrust. Keep us posted about the name of the store you select. We can reccommend vets to check the little bundle of joy out.

There are no reputable breeders in Taiwan. Of any breed. It is that simple. Do not make yourself part of one of the ugliest aspects of this country. Do not encourage this brutal trade.
I rescued a beautiful chocolate Doberman a couple of years ago who now lives on my friend’s Buddhist retreat/farm just outside Sanxia. Gorgeous, friendly, intelligent, abandoned, diseased, injured, neglected. Now she has a several-hectare compound to roam and a crazy wee Maltese for a friend.
Please don’t buy a dog here. The people you will buy from ARE total cunts and complete bastards.

[quote=“sandman”]There are no reputable breeders in Taiwan. Of any breed. It is that simple. Do not make yourself part of one of the ugliest aspects of this country. Do not encourage this brutal trade.

Well, I did see people buy dogs from pet shops, and I could smell puppy mill operation, of course I won’t buy a dog from a pet shop. But no reputable breeders of any kinds in this country? That’s a bit shocking to me, but hey, I’m a new kid on the block.
This looks like a very prosperous to me, and I was expecting something better.