Doctor, I seem to have a problem

Worried about your manliness?
Fly to rural Thailand for this cure: … 01,00.html

The hair on my arse more than compensates for any of my perceived inadequacies.

No need for a pariffin enlargment here, butt a comb would be nice :astonished:

Men, I have a question. What would possess a man to get one of these penile enlargement operations? Your own feelings of inadequacy, or complaints from the ladies? I can’t really imagine that many women would be rude enough to complain about the size of her lover’s organ, but maybe I’m mistaken. As well, the cited article said that 48 men from one small village had the procedure: this would seem to imply that every guy in the place tried it.
How desperate would you have to be to allow a “doctor” to inject a mysterious blue liquid into your penis. After all, even a modestly sized penis is better than a gangrenous one that has dropped off.

The actual sexual act may not be quite the politically correct happening that you imagine bababa. Considering the various and sundry things that get done with a penis in the course of a love making session it would be odd if there “wasn’t” mention of size at some point. Add to that all of the movie and internet refrences that you hear regarding the issue and what you get is a pretty clear idea, on the part of most men, of where they stand on the penis meter. If you consider also the general environment of shame in which most people exist, it is hardly suprising that people are willing to do almost anything to feel better about themselves.
By the way I wonder how many of the women who go in for breast augmentation do it because they feel inadequate and how many do it because they get complaints from their partners.

Aren’t the Thais the ones that pioneered the body-mod of placing ball bearings into the penis?

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Then again, that does sound pretty cool. Got any clinics to recommend??

Maybe, but Taiwanese men were doing it 20 years ago…


Tell me more, what’s that??? ball bearings into willy???

And what’s that supposed to be good for???

They make an incision along it and insert a line of 1/4" stainless steel BBs, sew it up again. Like the idea of ribbing or ‘ticklers’ on condoms… A few of my Thai friends mentioned (quite proudly) that they’d done this, and that it was very popular. I failed miserably as an objective reporter since I didn’t ask any Thai women what they thought about it. Paisay. :blush:

Paraffin eh ?

“No doctor, I asked for balls of fire”

Overkill…all ya need is ducktape, WD 40 and a good imagination.