Doctor warns about periodic paralysis - Taipei Times

I’ve heard about this happening to someone recently!

Well… I’m going to steer clear of Taichung then.

It is caused by imbalanced hormone level (Hyperthyroidism) can have different causes (genetic, medications, giving birth) and mostly affects women.

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They appear to have extrapolated, from one case of a patient who had another underlying thyroid condition, a very vaguely named condition which sounds more like a symptom than a diagnosis.

Don’t freak out @shiadoa! :innocent:

“The woman, surnamed Tsai (蔡)”

Very important that she was surnamed Tsai! Adds to the precision of the diagnosis.

“a symptom of sleep paralysis”

That’s nasty, scary and I don’t want anyone to get it ever because I have it regularly so I know. It scares the hell out of me every time.

And very important to make this comment for every news article!

It’s dumb! It doesn’t matter what she/he is surnamed. It’s like a third grader writing.
BTW, are you stalking my posts?

You can say that again

This is what I had.

My friend showed it to me, and I was telling him about your experience after I read the headline. Then I read it and realized it was talking about the same thing.

I got Hashimoto and my doc says avoid seaweed …
Already avoiding rice, bread for period of time.

It was quite terrifying even though I tried to stay calm and positive. Not a nice experience to no be able to move you body when you wake up.

It sounds horrible.

Did you get a diagnosis?

Genetic and dietary factors. This is actually that’s more common for East Asian men.

As long as you have a treatment that makes it go away that is a good thing. Out of interest, what dietary advice did you get ?

I just recently moved to Italy. So I made some huge dietary changes. My main carb source was rice and noodles but relatively balanced. I never ate bread. And pasta and pizza were things I had once in a while. But when I moved, I ate so much carbs. Especially since food is expensive in Italy and I eat a lot. About 4K calories a day. So I ate lots of pasta every meal, bread every mean, and pizzas all the time. It wouldn’t be unusual for me to eat about 500g of pasta a day and have 2 sandwiches throughout a day and a pizza. It’s hard on the kidney that also affect potassium.

Too much gluten man, for some of us it is poison :slight_smile: