Doctor's clinic in Xindian

Can anyone recommend a doctor’s clinic in the Xindian area? I have a very serious case (serious enough to keep me off the grog for two days) of diarrhea and would like to go to a doctor near my home (Dapinglin).

Dude, it could be food poisoning. Try a bigger hospital to get blood work done. My wife had the poops last year, was food poisoning and she spent a week in the hospital.

Get it checked out but soon.


There is a actually a clinc RIGHT next to DapingLin Station. I will try to get the address to you later, but for now I will give you really bad directions.
Walk out exit 4. Go strait. Take a right down the alley right after the bank. (if you pass the florist you went too far)
Look sad as you pass by what was the jazz cafe until this week. Look up. Doctor’s clinic.

Thanks SuchAFob,
I’ll go check it out in a few minutes.
[color=red]ADDED LATER[/color] That place is actually a dentist’s clinic.

JD, thanks for the concern. However, unlikely to be food poisoning as I haven’t had any stomach cramps or nausea.