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[Original Subject: looking for good doctor]

Hello all, does anyone have advice on where to go for good medical service (of the kind that actually examines the patient rather than instantly typing prescriptions into the computer as soon as you walk in, without even looking at you)? I’ve had some sort of nasty throat/cough thing for too long and want to make sure it’s just pollution (and smoking, oops) and not some sort of horrible disease. They don’t have to speak English, they just have to be competent. Thanks much for any advice.

Where are you located?

Where are you willing to travel to?


You might have developed an allergy to all the mould that breads at this time of year. It usually occurs about now because of the break in the weather. It’s something I developed in Taiwan.

I went to endless amounts of doctors who pumped me full of endless amponts of antibiotics so that they could make endless amounts of money. I eventually went to see a doctor in Austaralia who prescibed me an over the counter antihistamine. It cleared it up in a few days. Now whenever it comes back I pop a few of those little beauties and it doesn’t seem to bother me half as much. They are fairly harmless, so I believe.

i’m in taipei, happy to go wherever within the city. australia is probably too far… Fox, were you coughing from the mold?

Hi Durochka,

I could feel some weird feeling in my lungs and it tended to tickle my throat. I also thought it was from smoking too much. I gave up the fags and it tended to help, but this thing kept coming back. It gives you bronchitis, I guess. But it’s not a bacterial infection so anitbiotics didn’t work.

If you see a doctor about it, he’ll probably give you an x-ray to make sure it’s not too serious, then maybe some antibiotics for a chest infection. However, if it’s an allergy the antihitamines are the quickest solution.

You might also consider seeing a Chinese Medicine doctor if it’s an allergy. They might be able to help, but it’s longterm and a bit of a lifestyle thing.

Can anyone recommend an English-speaking doc in Miaoli City?

Looking for help!

I need to see the doctor over Chinese New Year, but my own is closed until Thursday. I can’t really wait.

Anyone with a suggestion, please help! Where is open on Monday morning?

Forgot to say it’s in Taipei City/County area.


Just go to any public hospital like the locals do!

Indeed that is right.

Large hospitals have limited opening hours as I found out.

Best to call first, if you can.

Thanks for all the help

i’m posting this for two reasons; first to complain and second to recommend an excellent UCLA trained doctor who speaketh perfect english. i will complain first.

woke up monday morning with a skull splitting headache. couldn’t move, made me dizzy and made me vomit. i dragged myself to Taiwan Adventist hospital, where i always go, in tears, and begged to butt in front of everyone in line so i could see the doctor fast. saw the doctor and what was i diagnosed with? Tonsilitis. Tonsilitis and i had my tonsils removed when i was three. now unless i’m mistaken, or some random shockra has somehow intertwined itself with my removed tonsil stubs in my throat, i can’t understand how and why this would be my diagnosis when it was my head, not my throat, that was causing me coniderable pain.
this is partially my fault because i didn’t discover this diagnosis until i was home, sorting through the 14 envelopes of medication and looked at my receipt which also bears the doctors comments. sigh.
back today to see a neurologist. without my knowing i was made an appointment in the priority care center, which is not covered by NHI. had i known it was going to cost me over 1000NT i would have declined (although having someone to fetch your medicine is kinda nice).

okay, i’m done complaining. anyway, the doctor i saw was wonderful. lived in the states for 20 years, went to UCLA medical school, and also worked in a hospital in new york. i was not shuffled in and out, he took a complete medical history, etc… etc… i almost thought i was back at home.
for 1070NT i will definately go back to this guy. His name is Simon Chan.
his schedule: sunday through friday morning, and monday through thursday afternoons. telephone number: 2771-8151 ext. 2670~2

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had problems with that hospital, too, but maybe the first doctor wasn’t a complete idiot. 1) Tonsils can grow back. 2) Tonsillitis can cause headaches, although it seems like you’d expect a bit of a sore throat and maybe some difficulty swallowing as well. 3) From the way you described it it sounds like that was just part of the diagnosis. It’s possible that you’re tonsils have regrown and were a bit inflamed. Since the doc referred you to a neurologist, he or she obviously thought something else might be going on.

This is another recommendation for Dr. Simon Chan and the Adventist Priority Medical Centre as recommended by another in this thread.

I went there today and had an excellent consultation, blood test and second referred consultation with an eye doctor all within 1 hour. Very smooth, efficient and courteous.

Having had a number of serious health problems in Taiwan, I have seen more than enough hospital doctors to conclude that their diagnosing skills are awful. Dr. Chan is excellent, and when I mentioned my experiences he agreed that, while Taiwanese doctors are knowledgeable, they can’t diagnose for shit (his words).

It’ll cost you a thousand for the consultation, but it’s worth every NT for the peace of mind.

My bet is that Simon Chan also has hours in the hospital that are covered under NHI. the problem is that the service will be different. doctors are under a lot of pressure to keep that door revolving (hence the patients that wait in the room with you as you meet with the doctor).

i’ve had two experiences with two separate doctors, several years ago under the old system of using laobao, where i gave my laobao card to the assistant after my appt instead of before. both times they didn’t want to accept it claiming that the prescriptions had already been prescribed and i’d already seen the doctor. In each case the prescriptions were different–in a good way and the consultation was more thorough.

Simon Chan is my doctor. He know’s what he’s doing, listens carefully.

I’ve been having some gastrointestinal symptoms - bloating, cramping and that type of thing. Been to see more doctors than I care to thank of for poking and prodding (even a colonoscopy) with no proper result. I’m tired of being shipped off to this lab and that for tests and not getting anywhere.

I’ve been impressed by the accolades Simon Chan has received from some of you. If seeing someone with a bit of expertise in diagnosis would being me a step closer to solving the problem I’d happily pay the NT$1000 (or more).

Can anyone give me Dr Chan’s Chinese name and the name in Chinese of his division in the Adventist Hospital? Then I’ll go and make an appointment.

Thanks! :notworthy:

What is Dr. Chan’s speciality? Is he a GP? An internist? What?

Except for the emergency room of most hospitals in any country, where they place the Doogi Howsers, I cannot recommend Mac Kay Hospital in Taipei, enough.

I have received generally above standard care and all the doctors I have seen speak English quite well and diagnose in a decent fashion. I was not impressed with their asthmatic treatment, but I am not easily impressed by those “specialists” regardless of where I live.

I can recommend the Endocrinologists-very thorough, the ob-gyn-not at all nightmarish (compared to JAPAN-UGH!), the emergency is alright, too. However, Wenshan Community has a better emergency if you live around Muzha.

General practioners I do not go to as they are antibiotic fiends so I go straight to the specialists. May want to consider this route…

Can anyone give me Dr Chan’s Chinese name and the name in Chinese of his division in the Adventist Hospital? Then I’ll go and make an appointment.

Thanks! :notworthy:[/quote]

Simon Chan, M.D.
424, Sec. 2, Ba De Rd., Taipei (Ba De and Dun Hua)

He is a GP. The guy looks 35, but he’s about 48. Very professional, perfect English, doesn’t rush. Good luck.

Can anyone give me Dr Chan’s Chinese name and the name in Chinese of his division in the Adventist Hospital? Then I’ll go and make an appointment.

Thanks! :notworthy:[/quote]

Simon Chan, M.D.
424, Sec. 2, Ba De Rd., Taipei (Ba De and Dun Hua)

He is a GP. The guy looks 35, but he’s about 48. Very professional, perfect English, doesn’t rush. Good luck.[/quote]

Yes, I found him and agree with everything you say about him! :slight_smile:

I saw at doctor at Tri-Service Hospital NeiHu for a checkup. Chief of a department there. He stated after a 5 second examination I would have a blood clot somewhere at a delicate part. He wanted to operate very soon, told me if I do not do it’s dangerous …

I checked the internet and found his diagnosis is totally different from everything I found on the internet on medical pages. So I did not believe him and rejected the operation. Asked here on Forumosa and got the advice serveral times to get a second opinion. Thanks for that!

Now I saw a second doctor there, told him to check properly and not just in a few seconds … but … he claimed to find something as well and was well on the road to operation, but had a little doubt at least. So I requested further examination (ultra sound etc.) and … the result is: nothing there, I am 100% healthy.

Needless to say my wife (Taiwanese) got on my nerves all those month in between to do the operation, because “here in Taiwan we listen do doctor” etc.

I am really worried to have a necessary operation here one day. The first doctor gave a very strange impression to me, the second one not much better. I had another incident 1 year ago when a Taiwan doctor suggested a “brand new” operation method here for something else, which my German doctor rejected as total bogus and dangerous.

And thanks for the advice here, Forumosa can save your …