Doctors who will help with Covid-vaccine related problems

Ok …
Those of us who have had bad experiences from previous vaccines, medications or already have the side effects of the Covid Vaccine such as wild myocarditis, heart murmurs, blood clots and neurological problems like brain fog.

We would like to see a list of doctors willing to consider our medical histories and grant us the necessary exemptions or take responsibility for any possible damage if they recommend that we go ahead with the vaccine.

I find this forum failing in helping people of the minority group when it was very helpful before.
If it wasn’t for this form I would not have any civil rights and to tell you the truth, none of you would either.
The previous moderator in the legal department of this board was with the help of the Forunmosa members able to challenge the Taiwanese government through negotiation and work with us to get us all work rights, residency rights and so forth…

But right now though I floated the question before no one can give me a name of a doctor who is willing to talk to me about my symptoms and the other people who are also scared of the vaccines and have underlying conditions.
Let this thread be a resource of people in the medical profession who are willing to help us.
I live in a rural area so I really have no access to any big medical centers it’s up to you to help. Thank you.
PS: please don’t tell me it’s safe and effective. My neighbor and a good friend of one of my friends, died from the safe and effective vaccine.
He was an ex police officer. Healthy and fit as a horse. He took the shot. He developed an extremely high fever. The next day he went to our local emergency room. He fell into a coma and died of severe blood clots.
Very soon after he got the job he started developing the symptoms fell into a fever from this safe and effective vaccine and then went to the emergency room the next day from this safe and effective vaccine and then fell into a coma from the safe and effective vaccine and he died.
You may say he had underlying conditions.
Well I know I do and some relatives do and some good friends of mine do. Disabled people tend to stick together.
So I do not want to hear the safe and effective words from you because for my good friend’s friend is dead from this safe and effective vaccine.


Not sure I get this. Have you been to see any doctor?

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I doubt you’re going to find a doctor who would do that. Why on earth would they? There’s zero advantage to them and only potential risk. Same with any other medical procedure, at least in Taiwan.

If you don’t want to get vaccinated, what’s stopping you from just not getting vaccinated? Is it a requirement for your job or something?

Forumosa is fine, but I’m pretty sure I had civil rights before joining…


The doctors will tell you about the risks, they can and will not make a decision for you taking responsibility for possible consequences.
You can sign with an insurance company. They offer covid jab insurance for possible medical issues.

Yeah, I agree. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something to that effect on consent forms before, and I doubt a doctor would be willing to (or even able to) assume responsibility for something approved by NHI and the hospital.


Taiwanese government compensates cases where vaccines caused serious side effects.

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I believe that’s subject to them agreeing that the serious side effects were attributable to the vaccine. Which isn’t necessarily clear, and there’s an incentive to assume they weren’t.

Is there any kind of official list of causes here that would lead to a vaccination exemption?

Many things regarded as safe kill people all the time for a variety of reasons.
Operating a forklift

We don’t drop everything and start declaring apples are unsafe because somebody choked on an apple.

It sucks to be unlucky, but life isn’t fair. I feel for your neighbour’s situation but you have to remember that you aren’t your neighbour and you need to regard your own medical history first and foremost.

Trying to find a doctor that will give you the exemption you want is deceptive to yourself and disrespectful to yourself as well. I can understand getting a second or even third opinion, nobody is perfect, but if after the 10th opinion they all say after tests that you’re A-OK…then I think that’s enough confirmation and continuing to press on is just confirmation bias which is the part that is deceitful to yourself. It’s understandable to be scared.

There are no doctors that, in particular, specifically grant exemptions to people for vaccines in general. Doctors that do so by request are performing medical malpractise and are disrespectful to the profession. If you have a genuine need for an exemption, any doctor should be able to grant you such a note.


I think it is the opposite. The goal is to persuade most people to get vaccinated. So making sure those who suffer damages will get compensated is an assurance for the rest of us.

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I don’t think the OP wants to be compensated if he is injured. It seems that he perceives a higher risk of injury, and wants to avoid the injury in the first place.

As mentioned, I doubt any doctor is going to put his job on the line in this manner. I also doubt his word would even carry any weight: the vaccine passports as currently implemented allow no exceptions. Unfortunately, I suspect the OPs only option is to do what the rest of us have done: don’t take the vaccine, and accept that we will be pointed in the direction of the “unvaccinated only” seats on the bus. If we’re allowed on the bus at all.


Marco Marco marco. I’ve been a semi-disabled individual my whole life and I’ve had various exemptions.
You know nothing about the risks that people take that I deal with. Nothing for you able to person that you are.
Please don’t give me the speech of risk. You don’t face the risks I do? I don’t need anymore.


I think OP may be confused about what we do here. We help people if we can. And if we can’t we don’t.

If you don’t want to take the vaccine then don’t.

I didn’t tell you what to do. I only talked about talking to doctors.

But ‘safe’ doesn’t mean everyone 100% all the time has a good experience with it.

You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help you.
Back in the day when I came here foreign spouses had almost no civil rights.
One. We had to choose between a family Visa with no work privileges or a Visa with your boss for work privileges but no advantages of being a family member, that is a foreign spouse.

My boss actually sat me down and told me I needed to choose between the work visa or the Visa from my wife. But right at that time we won the right to divorce the work permit from The residency Visa.
Who did it? Richard Hartzel the legal moderator of this bulletin board.
And us, the members of the foreign spouse support network.

Did you know that I can only have my Visa renewed yearly? The moderator of this bulletin board who was also a lawyer went before the legislature and negotiated the 2, ,3, 10 year and then permanent residency Visa.
It was this bulletin board through the work of the moderator that gave this right to us.
How about universal work rights. We were only allowed to work at one place only. But again the moderator of this bulletin board negotiated us the rights in the legislature to get an open work permit.

How about driving licenses.
Did you know that I got my license and then 3 weeks later it expired because my arc expired? I also had to pay for a full 6-year driving license every time my arc expired which was at first yearly and then every three years?
The moderator of this bulletin board again through our support Network created a Xerox administrative appeal that argued our case. And every time we renewed our driver’s license we submitted this Xerox administrative appeal and we got the full term driver’s licenses regardless of our Arc.
did you know that my daughter was among the first group of children of foreign fathers who were granted citizenship?
Before the moderator of the bulliten board board went into the legislature to negotiate for us with the support of the foreign spouse Network, children of foreign fathers had to leave the country at age 18.
He pushed through legislation granting children of foreign fathers the right to citizenship.
The mid to late 90s was a magical time because I got each and every civil right that I needed just on time. When I could not take my boss anymore, I got the right to have an open work permit. When my child was born just before, she got the right to be a citizen.
So you’re welcome if it wasn’t for foramosa we would have no civil rights.
It was a really big problem and it got so good that the foreign spouse network was disbanded and the moderator retired.


Well, there was a very clear example of discrimination there:

Locals could hold licenses with validity of up to 6 years. Foreigners had to renew their license every year.

How would describe the discrimination you believe you are suffering here?

So you’re saying that a person with mild blood clotting and myocarditis and a heart murmur though not bad enough to be considered abnormal is going to have to take the job with more than likely will contribute to his already borderline circumstances? I don’t know about you but in previous times the medical exemption worked. You don’t subject somebody to a risk of something that they already have, use your brain.

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No, I’m not saying that. I’m trying to provide you with help by asking you first:

If you’ve seen a doctor with these concerns, and
Why you think you are suffering discrimination.

I want to understand what you think is happening here.


I’m not sure you have, and I didn’t say thank you. I’m not that committed to being in Taiwan tbh - most of the things you mentioned don’t bother me so much; if Taiwan was much worse than it is now in those respects, I probably wouldn’t have bothered coming here in the first place or would have left already. It’s not much skin off my nose in any case - there are a lot of places in the world I could happily be instead. :man_shrugging: