Doctors who will help with Covid-vaccine related problems

I have not. Because when I do, they want to put me on all sorts of medications…

However by avoiding all Western medications, going for TCM I reversed my levels and maintain good exercise.
There’s no need to see a doctor at this time because I am not in the system. I do not have a job that requires me to do this at the moment.

Now the friends of mine who have other risks they’re just over the doctor, just try and see.
That is not what I’m going to do because when I do just tried and see I get bad results. I’ve been to the hospital for anaphylactic shock so many times.
That’s due to a fish allergy that I have.
One time it got so bad they put in hydroxychloroquine because I became allergic to all animal protein.
I did not like the side effects of that medicine so I went to TCM and took one full year to be able to eat animal protein again. I am not going to the medical system.
Alex those of you who live in the city do the leg work for me.
I am in a safe zone at the moment but I don’t like seeing people hurt for no reason. Isn’t the purpose of the vaccine to protect the unvaccinated?
If you push an at-risk person to get the shot, you should be willing to accept the same damage done to yourself in empathy of the people you pushed.
But that’s immoral. So don’t push people unless you yourself are willing to be injured in the same way.
I said at risk people.
Doctors should exempt people who are at risk. There’s even a page on the vaccines website on who should not take this vaccine but it’s being ignored by local governments.
What you should be doing is talking to doctors and finding ways to let people who are at risk avoid the situation since they are not a big risk since many people are vaccinated

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That’s all your choice, and I respect that. But we won’t be able to help you here with finding a doctor who would willingly circumvent the normal workings of the medical system. That’s what it sounds like you’re looking for, but in my estimation it’s potentially harmful and perhaps even illegal. I welcome other opinions about that.

If anyone knows doctors who specialize in such cases, that’s fine of course. But it seems to contradict what you said in your last post.

If you want to start a movement about bodily autonomy and not accepting vaccination and related restrictions, that’s also fine. That really sounds more like what you’re talking about, if I may say so.

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How many doctors are you willing to talk to?

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Who is “you” here, anyway? It sounds like you’re expecting random people to go out scouting for doctors willing to provide exemptions for hypothetical people who have problems with vaccination. The people who do have genuine problems, like you if it’s as you claim, can presumably just do that instead and the doctors can decide on a case-by-case basis, as it’s supposed to be…or just not get vaccinated (also fine, IMO).

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Did I not tell you all the symptoms I’m woried about. Did I not tell you I did an emergency room tour of Taiwan due to my allergies.
Competent emergency room help is not the same as a specialist who is willing to look at my information
Did I not tell you that I’m in the middle of nowhere?
I’ll put my appeal to less cruel people.
If you have a doctor who is willing to look over your information and actually recommend against getting the vaccine or tell you or turn the things you can do, please pass on that information.

I have a ton of medical information I can transfer to any willing doctor. But to see a specialist I must travel more than an hour perhaps even half a day to get to the bigger medical centers.
The people that also have concerns were told by their doctor " just try it"
I followed what that’s medical advice in the past before and was damaged…

Those of you know, if you have a heart tick or a heart murmur it was previous practice to prescribed massive amounts of antibiotics when you go for a dental procedure.
I did follow that each time. Until a few years after college they said it’s not needed anymore and I found out that my digestive system and immune system was ruined because of this.
I probably became hyper allergic.
Unfortunately those that recommended this procedure are now dead and there’s nothing I can do to get back at them for that… all of them are now dead. It was the prevailing medical wisdom at the time
And it was wrong.
Who should I go after to get compensated for that?
Anyway, if anyone knows of a willing doctor I have about three or four people who would like to discuss their problems with them.
So we’re vaccine damage, some have allergies to medications, and some have heart and circulatory problems.
They just want assurances that nothing will happen

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Why do you NEED to have the vaccine? (Asking @The_Seeker only here, we all have our reasons to do or not to do so)

In other words from a different perspective, why is the medical exemption important to you?

As far as I know it’s not currently mandatory (could well be wrong here though) but if it isn’t and you’re worried about it then you’re within your rights to simply not have the vaccine?

You already made up your mind. Why do you want to find a doctor who should confirm your reservations? Just don’t get the vaccine.
And what are your thoughts on the risks from covid19? We are pretty safe in Taiwan for a while, but this is not a given. Reading about your condition the virus poses magnitudes higher risk for your well being. Will you be able to isolate for extended periods of time to avoid an infection?

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The OP is worried about the risks from the vaccine. Why should he not be if he has preconditions?

I have to show my vaccine card to work in schools now. Not being vaccinated has implications


I don’t think so, they are incentivized to shut you up by compensation. They government is fully vested in getting full vaccination and they need to change the mind of anti-vaxxers so they cannot afford bad press on side effects. The compensation is peanuts considering what’s at stake.


There should be no need for medical exemptions. The government should realize no means no. But they don’t and will continue to use illegal means to squeeze everyone that hasn’t complied yet to comply.

And that also means scrutinizing every exemption with a fine toothed comb. No doctor wants to stick their neck out these days unless he dreams of no longer being a doctor. Any doctor in the USA that brought up concerns got their reputations destroyed.


Yes but he bizarrely seems to think we should all jump on board and make this a big issue and help him in some way that I’m not clear about.

He’s putting forward Hartzell and Marco as examples of this community achieving change that benefits its members. But his issue isn’t really comparable. It’s confusing and complicated.

It looks like he wants us to advocate for persons in Taiwan who have medical conditions that make vaccination a non-viable option. But I’m not sure what form that advocation would take.


I read it as the OP wanting details of a doctor who would give him a medical exemption, which I’d assume would be pretty straightforward, but having reread it he does appear to be asking for more than that.

I may be wrong but I don’t think this issue has been addressed in Taiwan yet. I’ve googled around and they’re still discussing the physical vaccine passport and reciprocation agreements.

But there’s no actual domestic vaccine passport being used. Just random employers enforcing their own regulations. So I kind of think this may be something for down the road. the demand for a list of doctors who can issue exemptions looks like a pipe dream right now.

Really? I assumed that any doctor could write a note stating that you can’t take the vaccine.

But you don’t have to take the vaccine anyway.

Also, if that were the case, you’ve solved the OPs issue in one go.

I still wouldn’t have solved the OP’s problem because he’d still need to have businesses accept the doctor’s letter, which I assume is where he is heading.

Yeah. Which is an issue whose time will come about three months down the road I’d guess.