Documentary of the Month

Hoping to start something new. Let’s post a documentary of the Month (or shorter) you’d highly recommend.

Here’s mine: The Boogie Man:The Lee Atwater story

it’s not up yet on Should be airing Nov. 11

Man On Wire was the most amazing, cool thing everrrrr.

Man on Wire OH MY GOD. I got chills just watching the trailer. Can’t wait to see it!! Thanks BC.
Wikipedia info

I loved this film so much. I rattle on and on about it to anyone who’ll listen. Get downloading, dunno if it’ll show in Taiwan, but it’s amazing on the big screen.


Yesterday in Da’An, somebody happened to have a practice tightrope setup strung between trees & we all gave it a shot. Not easy, especially after election celebrations… First time for everything!

Today, sitting in “Larry’s NY Pizza” I noticed the New Yorker magazine cover from Sep 11, 2006, the same one posted on Phillipe Petit’s Wikipedia page

I’d never seen it before or even heard this guy’s name until today so it took me a second to figure it out what it was about.

Now this movie… looks fascinating, but what a strange confluence of events… I guess I have to go see it :slight_smile: