Documents to bring for English teacher job hunting?


I’m a US citizen planning to move to Taiwan and look for work at a buxiban.

I’ve read about a law created in 2017 requiring foreigners to have a “certificate of good conduct” from their home country. As a US citizen, I think I need to get an FBI “identity history summary check.” Has anyone done this? How long between submitting the request for the ID history summary check and receiving the document in hand?

Besides the ID summary check, I’ll bring some copies of my college transcript and my 120 hr TESOL certificate. Anything else I’m missing? Open to any advice.

PS - I’m a surfer, looks like Yilan has waves, other cities with good surf and work opportunities (yes, I know it’s an island :slight_smile: )? Not sure where exactly to settle and look for work, but I think I’ll look outside of Taipei.

Thank you.


You can get access to the waves in Yilan from Taipei; it’s only 90 minutes away. Or get a room in a surfer’s beach house for 4000 a month, store your boards there and head out every Friday night.


Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate the tip! :slight_smile:

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For the FBI check, I did the online enrollment and it was surprisingly quick. Once they received the fingerprint card, the pdf copy was ready the next day and the hard copy arrived about a week later. You’ll need to allow for extra time to translate it and have DC TECRO authenticate.
Maybe buxibans are different - for my work permit they wanted a copy of the diploma. (And letters of employment, not pay stubs)


Thanks for the reply.

I would not have thought to translate it, good tip.

I’m going to contact my local TECO office in Seattle and see if they have authority to authenticate the document, otherwise I’ll send it off to TECRO in DC.

Regarding diploma/transcript, it’s probably wise for me to bring both.


I did not need to translate or authenticate my FBI check (or any other documents) with TECO for a buxiban work permit (2019). However, I believe my employer did provide a translation of my documents when they applied for my permit. I did submit an original copy of my degree. If you plan to submit a copy, authenticating it would be wise.


Thanks for the input, sounds like authenticating anything that is a non-original copy is important.