Does a personal reference make a difference to immigration?

I am applying for a job, just at a private English school but I don’t have a degree. I’m just have a diploma in Japanese and a 120 hour tesol. (Native English speaker).

I’ve already been offered the job. So the school is no prob.

I have a Taiwanese friend who works at Facebook and is pretty high up. Do you think it’s worth asking for a character reference from him too? Or will immigration not really care about it?

If you are legally allowed to do the work you are seeking, i cant see how it would help…if not seem a bit weird. Its overkill, from an unrelated field, for a common job that just takes some stamps and signaures which they do daily.

Not legal advice, but i cant see why it would help at all.

Make sure you check your schools paperwork, they are notorious for f*cking everything up.


Yeah I won’t bother then, thx for the advice!