Does anybody know a Drunken Boxing teacher

I love martial arts and the style I really want to practice is Drunken Boxing, but I can’t seem to find a teacher anywhere. Does anybody who teaches or practices Zui chuen, Drunken Boxing?

I know that Jacky Chang does it, but he lives in Hong Kong :wink:

But seriously, is there truly a Drunken Boxing martial arts style. I thought it was just a joke in that movie.

I learned a little drunken sword in Beijing. Drunken boxing involves falling down a lot. Drunken sword involves falling down while holding a sword - not for the faint-hearted!

My teacher Wang Dongfeng emigrated to Vienna.

Sorry I can’t help you with drunken boxing in Taiwan. Does that guy Xiao Zhang still teach in the 228 Peace Park? I think he may know drunken style.

Who is Xiao Zhang? What time does he teach at 228 Peace Park? How much does he charge?

How much is it?


Thx, :)!

My karate teacher used to box too, and got drunk a lot. PM me if you want his number.

Drunken Boxing does not mean getting drunk (regardless of how much fun that is) and then trying to fight

I knew that. :wink: