Does anyone have a DELTA?

I’d like to go for a DELTA certificate and I need some advice on how to achieve this while living in Taiwan. I understand that I would have to go to an induction course in Bankok and that I would need the help of someone in Taiwan who already has a DELTA to assess me.

So, I would really appreciate it if anyone with a DELTA could contact me (PM me), and maybe we could work something out. If anyone has any other piece of advice on how to go about doing this, I’m all ears.
For anyone who doesn’t know a DELTA is an English teaching certification for adults, the step up from a CELTA and has nothing to do with Chuck Norris and his armed soldier dudes.

[quote=“Hartley”]In terms of DELTA, I’m now a DELTA local tutor, and already working with one candidate here who is doing it by distance. In terms of CELTA/CELTYL my boss still needs more convincing that it’s viable in Taiwan - worth all the paperwork etc. I’m still working on it.[/quote]

Link to PM Hartley: … st&u=14323

Thanks Joe,

I actually did come across that page when I did a search, before I posted, but maybe it was late in the search/day and I somehow missed that post.
Anyway I’ve just PM’d Hartley.

Does anyone who’s already done a DELTA like to tell us what the experience was like?