Does anyone have advice to help a rescued bird?

So there I am smoking a cigarette out the window and 2 birds opposite are going crazy, tweeting and twerting their beaks off. Below them is a man looking curiously at the ground. He takes a photo of something and walks off. I manage to use my super power (eyesight zoom) and my peepers detect a young chick! Our tiny winged friend has fallen from the nest and waaaay too early. We shall now refer to young chick as “not batman”. I go downstairs and retrieve “not batman” from the ground then me and zee girlfriend head to the nearest bird shop for food and a pippet to feed and rehydrate.

Apparently not batman has about a month before he/she’s strong enough to not fight crime and not run Wayne towers so my question here is does anyone have any advice for us over the next month? I’ve had a puppy dawg but never a bird and I don’t want to make a mistake raising the kamikaze nutter. We have a big bag of high quality bird food and a pippet to drip feed water, a shoe box full of ripped paper with the lid cut in half to offer shade/seclusion in case birds dig that kind of thing. How often to we feed the water and how much (in drips)? Feed everytime our not caped crusader lunges forward with beak wide? Or ration?

I don’t know anything about birds but it’s parents were small. Bai Tou Wong is the name of the little guy, in English it translates as white head omen.

Contact the Wild Bird Society:

Or Chinese Wild Bird Federation:

Your local vet should also probably be able to help.

And honestly, I like the comic writing, but it is a bit confusing to read. Best when asking for help to be clear and concise.

The first paragraph and a half sets the scene and explains the situation and the final few lines have the questions. How on Earth did that confuse you? And thanks for the links.

Yeah, vet. If he fell, you ought to check he’s not damaged anyway. It’ll probably cost you NT$200 for a quick checkup and some advice. Only problem is, if you hand-raise him, he’ll basically think he’s human (birds don’t have much going on upstairs). We hand-raised a rejected chick once - it’s not difficult, you just need to give them food and attention - but he turned out a little bit weird. Not a problem for a domestic animal, but in this case not-batman may struggle to fend for himself. He might even hobble about with a cane brooding darkly on what might have been. Be prepared to keep a pet.

We’re lucky enough to have a pet shop specialising in birds just down the road and the lady said there were no injuries so that’s lucky. We’ve both agreed too feed it up until it’s strong enough to fly and just place the box next to the open window. We called one of the links Mucha Man provided and they said if it attaches itself to us we can take it to them and they have a forest to gradually introduce it to. We just wanted to give the crazy little dumbass a fighting chance, then he’s on his own.