Does anyone have experience setting up an affiliate program?

Does anyone here have experience setting up an affiliate program for their website? Any thoughts/advice/experiences shared would be appreciated. Especially the program that you used, there is lots of info out there!

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The big names (, linkshare) are too expensive for me. I would be interested to know what the best way to do it for a small business website as well.

Here are a few sites with information, but I am still looking for a how-to or personal experience article in this topic.

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Affiliate Sofwares … index.html

yes there is lots of information out there and it is a big project, I am still searching for the best way to do it, it sounds like a simple concept but it is quite involved. I will let you know if I find anything…


I once had an affiliate program running with, there are no monthly fee and it is very easy to setup. They are based in aus, but I sold product in the UK and got a few affiliates (count on one hand). They also have a growing presence in the US.

I guess they are a fairly good 2nd tier affiliate program. Don’t expect their network to bring you a lot of affiliates, most affiliates seem to sign-up after visiting your own site if they find your site professional looking or are interested in your product. Their tracking system functions fine, if I remember you just need to add a single line of code to your checkout page. I don’t think there is a limit to the number of banners you can run. You can initially sign up for the free package (still ned to load some money into their network) and if it works out you could upgrade to their package where they help with your marketing.

Another good system if you sell software is, they also have a growing network of their own affiliates.

Of the first tier programs I also ran an affiliate program on, if I remember the minimum monthly fee is a couple-three hundred USD, and the most we even managed sales wise generated through their network was a couple thousand USD per month. You will get lots of affiliates signed up (hundreds, possibly thousands) however only a small percentage will be active. If you can afford it they provide great exposure and potential… especially if you have a real sellable product (or you offer huge commish).