Does anyone know a good travel agent near tauyuan?

I want to get a plane ticket back home for christmas but I’m not sure where to go, if you have any info can you please let me know>

we typically use one or another in chung li … is this going too far outta your way? if no, i’ll ask the wife for the phone number

btw, do you need fluent english speaking or chinese?

There is a place in Fushing road called Seabreeze travel.Just ask for Vincent.He is very helpful… and I always do busines with him.

If you go past the big temple its on your left.Maybe 2 blocks past the temple.

Agree with Rassie! Vincent is great! He has organised tours and tickets for us both in Taiwan and for going abroad. He is fluent, very helpful and patient. thie number is 337 0566. Just ask for Vincent.