Does anyone know about the tesol course in Taipei Times?

Anyone ever done the 5 day intensive course thats often advertised in the back of the times? I was wondering if it’s any good. Obviously when I call them tomorrow they will tell me it’s amazing but I’d like an opinion from someone who’s done it already.

I doubt that TESOL course would fly. Most schools (thinking primarily of Korea, sorry) require you to have 100 - 120 hours (can’t recall which) so the idea of a 5 day course covering anything close to 100 hours is out of the question (unless they work you 20 hours a day). If you’re serious about obtaining a TESOL certificate I would look elsewhere.

I’ll let the more experienced posters point you in the right direction.

As a former CELTA and Trinity Cert. TESOL tutor, I can tell you that there are no courses available on Taiwan that are accredited or recognized, nor are there likely to be in the near future as so many buxibans will accept anyone who can speak English.

Aha! That’s what I thought. They sent me a flyer saying there are accredited to some English school in the states. Thanks for the reply I thought no-one was going to answer!

I have never seen any evidence that anyone at the Taipei Times can speak English.

If it’s the “Juggle Handkerchiefs to Teach TPR” bullshit by the “CIEE” where they throw out a few names but are only using their theories and not actually the people like it insinuates, give it a very wide miss.

Never trust an institute where half of the staff has the same last name, the only Google listings are ones put up by the school proprietors themselves with no verification to their testimonies, and its only credited affiliation is to some obscure school in Russia. You’d be better off using your money to scrub the nearest sewer grate.