Does anyone know about this agent

I recently have been exchanging email with an agent named Bryan Wu. I don’t know if it is just him or a company, but this agent advertises heavily as

Did anyone here go through or know about, or Bryan Wu?

Don’t give me the whole spiel on agents. I know about all that, I want to know about this particular agent.

I know Bryan. Nice guy, but he’s going to try to hook you up with crappy jobs… sometimes subpar hours and terrible middle-of-nowhere sorts of locations.

Wish I’d read this before I had anything to do with him. He’s unprofessional.

I would agree with what the poster says above, excluding the part about being a nice guy. What kind of nice guy gets you into a long-term work commitment in a position they don’t care if you’re suited for, or enjoy?

Arguing with a candidate and making them wrong, whilst contradicting everything you’ve put in writing to him about what you want and what he’s sent you in to interview for is just unprofessional. He clearly didn’t care anything about me or putting me somewhere I would want to work.

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Just search “Bryan Wu” on this forum. Loads of comments.

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Sounds like Taichung the 1990s. Led me to do great things.