Does anyone know the name of this Taiwanese movie?

The only identifiying feature I remember about it seems to be that it was made by a Taiwanese director, but I’m not 100% sure about that. I saw it on some cable channel in the States maybe two years ago, so maybe it was famous enough here that someone can ID it for me.

Anyway, if you’ve seen it you’ll certainly recognize the two scenes that are most distinctive in the movie: wherein the male and female protagonists attempt to kill themselves by swallowing/inserting fishhooks on leaders and then pulling on the leaders to inflict internal injuries.

Needless to say, it was quite a strange movie. A few misty town scenes, most of the movie took place on these brightly colored floating houseboats on a lake that seemed to be havens for failures, runaways, and one night stands with prostituties.

If there’s anywhere I can find the DVD I have to assume it’d be here…

The movie ends rather strangely as well: (text is white to avoid spoliers for those who haven’t seen the movie, highlight it to read) [color=white]the female protagonist disengagues the houseboat she and her boyfriend are on and they drift seemingly out to sea, but then into a large stand of acquatic grass, then the camera pulls waaaay back to reveal that the grass is actually a woman’s pubic hair… Should’ve stuck to the fishooks, really…[/color]

My best guess is that you’re talking about the Korean movie “The Isle” (I read about it a while ago, but never saw it).

That’s probably it, thanks. Mistaken about the origin.

Now what was the Taiwanese one I saw – I think they ran them back to back or something… rr.