Does anyone know what happened to "Little Britain" on Star?

I found that show most amusing. Two guys doing a bunch of different characters in a series of skits. Shades of Python and Kids in the Hall.

It was on for about a month, and some romantic comedy drivel is on its place. I tried emailing Star World customer service, but of course I’ll be long dead or transplanted by the time they get back to me.


It was on for about two months. Two episodes each time, back to back.

It’s just the end of the series.

Star World had it on last night at 11. I was most elated to skim thru the channels and find such a well-written & enacted piece on the tube again. :bouncy: As opposed to something Like the Paris Hilton show. :wall: Or Imerican Adol :stinkyface:

Let’s hope they keep in rotation for a while. :uk:

That was quite a treat to have the telly. I was sure surprised to see it back.

Yes, two episodes back to back … season starts again.
Starworld has seasons, all series end at one time to return a few months later, meanwhile they were replaced with other content.