Does anyone know what kind of painkiller this is?


My hubby went to a pharmacy to buy headache tablets for me. I told him to buy paracetamol as I am allergic to aspirin. He came back with yellow capsules with the word Everest printed on it. I asked him if it is paracetamol and now he is not sure. Does anyone know what it is. Pharmacy is now closed so he cannot go back tonight.

Thanks in advance

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Yeah, it seems to be paracetamol like @tando posted.

(Not a medical doctor, and I accept no responsibility for allergic reactions. :wink:)

You are a star. It is exactly this one. I had to go and look up Acetaminophen, and it is another name for paracetamol.

Thank you so much.


Thank you. I also looked it up and,it is paracetamol.

The packages should say acetinaminophen in English. Do they not?

Yes, it’s paracetemol. Americans and their Taiwanese clones just call it Acetaminophen, much like they call pethidine “Demerol”. It makes them feel exclusive and special. 500mg, don’t worry. It’s the same. I say tomayyyto, you say tomaaato.

No, the tablets are in a small plastic bag, not packaged.

Thank you

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By the way, you can get them in packs of 100 for NT$100-200 at most pharmacies.

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Does anyone know how Novalgin / Novalminsulfon is called here?

施華比林針 or 斯而比林?

Novalgin = Metamizole, iiuc

|英文品名|Metamizole Sodium Monohydrate|

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I took one now, will not take more than that. I never get headaches, but was working in the garden today and did not drink enough water. Thanks for the warning though.

So did you have a reaction if it is actually acetaminophen?

Really? Never seen them that cheap, what brand?

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Yes please tell i want a 100 pack for 100nt!

I pay 5nt a 400mg ibuprofen and its bulk… hate the price…

Same question haha. The cheapest I’ve found is packs of 20 for NT$100-150.


Probably the most useless pain killer created , and one of the most used in suicide.
There have been so many trials where placebos work better or the same. There are much better pain killers around.

I always thought naproxen and ibuprofen worked better. Maybe I’m not crazy.


They do. Not just my opinion, but proven. However, I do not want to look up lots of links. You are not crazy on this one ha. Ibuprofen is excellent. Can upset some people’s stomachs, so I always eat before taking it.