Does anyone know what kind of painkiller this is?

Thank you!

@Chief This one (Diclofenac) is great for joint pain, back pain etc. Probably the most potent NSAID. It is available without a prescription in Taiwan, but you have to ask for it in the pharmacy. Out here in Taipei county they sell it cheap with no questions, in Taipei city they might give you a small lecture before selling it.
I have zero side effects from it , but my wife gets itchy skin after taking it.

I have a bunch of those the doctor gives me with my tramadol. I try not to use either, so I have a load of them now.

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Yeah a wise decision. I take pain killers way too often after I had a motorcycle accident that hurt my back. :+1:t2:

I thought I read in another thread you wanted to get a new bike. Brave man.

I’d never ride a bike where I live cause there are often good sized rocks on the roads. Just one tiny lapse in concentration could be really bad.

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I did not get it , I decided my wife’s new sofa and wall paper was a priority this month😀
She is more scary than the bike.
A good decision not to get one in the mountains (i guess that is where you are). If you do then I would advise a trail bike, big suspension , big wheels. If I get it it will be in August. It is a want not a need. Anyway we are about to get temp threaded. :sunglasses:

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Jimi where are you bro , hook us up with your deal.
I got a cracked molar… need cheap :pill:!!

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Go get a cap before it cracks too deep!

Learned that from stimulant induced bruxism.

Luckily my cap has lasted even though they couldn’t safely grind past the end of the crack.

Cap will only last a year or so im an extreme bruxism case…
Maybe just pull it…

Unless it’s a wisdom tooth, that will cause your jaw to sag.

Shit saggin? Im already pulled one on the same side, root canal , crown fail usa money pitt, but tw is much cheaper but no insurance… cash :moneybag:

Yes, if you can’t preserve the tooth you need to get a bolt and crown or accept that your jaw will sag.