Does anyone know where I can get electrocautery for a wart?

As title says, I unfortunately have a small wart on my little friend down there. I want to get the electrocautery (burning it with electricity) rather than the cryotherapy. I’m struggling to find anything online. Does anyone know anything?

Feel free to PM if you don’t want to write publicly.

I’m based in Taipei. Thanks in advance

Shihda Road has a dermatologist. They froze my skin tag but they should have what you are looking for.

Dr. Huang Dermatologist
02 2368 1919

Want more results? If your Chinese isn’t good, just copy and paste 皮膚科 into Google Maps.

Thanks I’ll give them a call tomorrow
Yeah I went to the 皮膚科 at Adventist but they only has cryotherapy, same as what you had for your skin tag… So I’m wondering if I need to find a specific place for it

Gonna have to call/visit and ask.

I’ve had skin tags and warts taken off different ways. Mostly freezing but I think once it was your method.
Question… Is there a reason we should choose your method that we should be aware of?
I usually trust the doctor. The big dermatologist clinics usually state-of-the-art. They should have all methods.

I had a wart about five years ago, back then I tried cryotherapy a couple times and it kept coming back. Went to a different doctor who did electrocautery and it never came back. Only my own experience and I guess different treatments work differently for different people but I’d like to avoid messing around with the cryotherapy again as it wasn’t very effective last time for me

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Thanks for the insight. I’m sure if you explain your concern they will give you the treatment you prefer.
Most skin doctors speak English well enough, though some times not.

May I suggest that you get a Chinese friend to type out your concern as you explained above in Chinese just in case get caught with low English Speaking Doctor or end up in a language vortex*

*A language vortex is a strange phenomenon where you just cannot communicate. No matter how fluent you speak or or self evident the situation is, there is a fog of logic surrounding you.
I’ve been there in the doctor’s office is not the place for it to occur…