Does anyone want to go to Mongolia?

I’m trying to assemble a group of people, here in Taiwan, for a half-month trip to Mongolia in mid-late August.

We will rent a car + driver + guide/translator and it will cost $31/day (if we can get 5-6 people). Including airfare (transit via Seoul), the total price will be around NT$50000. We plan the take the northern route towards Khovsgol Lake: … golia1.jpg

Please let me know asap if you might be interested. Of if you’ve already gone, feel free to leave some general tips (e.g. which guesthouse to employ, how much time do we need to spare for the car to break down).

2 months notice…way to go!!

Make that 2.5 months! But really, the main worry is that plane tickets are sold out. The rest doesn’t require much planning.

Sounds, and looks, like a great trip.
I’ve always hoped to find time to visit Mongolia for a month or so.

Good Luck and have a good time!