Does anyone want to sell USD?

I’m looking to buy about $500 USD tomorrow, preferably all in $100 denominations, so if anyone has any they would like to sell, we can both save on bank conversion fees and trade. Send me a PM if you are interested.

Why would you want to buy USD from a random person on a forum?

You can go to any bank, or bank of Taiwan for the best rates, to buy any amount of USD you want or need.

What guarantee do you have that the USD you buy from a random folk isn’t one of those super fake bills made by north Korea?

If you are leaving Taiwan in a hurry bank of Taiwan has exchange in the airport that’s open 24 hours a day.

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I know how to spot fake notes, and I have the equipment to do so.

The best rates are still terrible, and I don’t want to waste money.

Are you prepared to offer above market rates to buy USD from a random person? Otherwise in my opinion 500 USD isn’t enough where rates matter much. You’re looking at 100nt difference.

You can decide for yourself if this is a good rate.

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I would save NT$105 exactly on the conversion rate, plus any other service fees that will probably be added. I got tricked this way when converting RMB last year at another bank. I also wouldn’t need to wait 30 minutes at the bank for them to tell me I need my ARC, passport and to fill out 30 minutes of forms to complete a simple transaction. The person wanting to sell their USD to me would be the one saving the most money, compared to Bank of Taiwan, if I’m reading their website properly.


Might also be that a fellow Forumosan is sitting on a bunch of US dollars and wants to offload some for whatever reason, win win

Anybody here sitting on USD knows that right know is the exact worst time to trade it for TWD.


if you say so, i don’t know everyone here that well…

This. I have several thousand in cash (used for travel, too annoying to go to bank every time) but I won’t be selling it unless it’s way above market rate.

Unless they need TWD. You can PM the OP if you’re one of those people!