Does assault gets your student visa canceled?

Ok, I know this is a strange one but here is the deal…

A foreigner in Taiwan with Student Visa gets in trouble because someone accuse him of assault (the kind where you use aggressive words and means against another person) in a police station. In my country, this is a criminal case, because it involves physical or mental aggression, have to check if it is the same in Taiwan. If that foreigner is liable, then he will probably have to pay a fine, but what happens to his Visa? My shot is that probably he will be kicked out of the school (if the assault happens inside the school permits, that would be for sure), and might loose his visa, and have to fly back.

I’m not an expert, but would like to know if the foreigner might be in trouble or not?

According to the Immigration Act, a foreigner on a visa may be deported if they have or acquire a criminal record. On an ARC, they may be deported if sentenced to more than 1 year in prison.

anyone knows if assault is considered a criminal act in Taiwan?

Is there anywhere in the world where assault isn’t considered a criminal act?

Depends what you mean by “assault”. These days it seems fashionable to term any verbal insult as an “assault”. In the UK, Australia and probably most other common law jurisdictions, “assault” has a narrower definition if it is to be criminal.

The OP wrote: “the kind where you use aggressive words and means against another person”. Without contact, this alone would not necessarily be enough to be criminal. The test under English law for assault is that the accused must “intentionally, or possibly recklessly cause another person to apprehend immediate and unlawful personal violence”. If contact was made, then a battery may have occurred. A battery is the “actual intended use of unlawful force to another person without his consent”. No violence or injury is necessary - the “merest touch” is enough.

I know very little about ROC law! I assume hitting people is wrong… if not perhaps someone can enlighten me so I can plan my weekend accordingly.

That’s what I was thinking. Parking tickets might not get your butt thrown out, but getting ANY kind of criminal record while in Taiwan would seem to fit the bill.

Get thee “friend” to a lawyer. :wink: