Does giving up passport to get citizenship mean you're not a foreign teacher legally?

I’ve contemplated getting the Taiwanese passport at some point in the future but am curious what it means legally. Right now I’m a foreign teacher because I have a Canadian passport. Could you be blocked from jobs because you no longer hold a passport from an English speaking country?


You can’t legally be blocked from jobs by the government if a citizen. You would have the right to work here.

The job in question would probably be appreciative that they dont have to waste time sponsoring you. As long as you can satisfy the boss’s requirements.

I think this question is about public schools.

basically, citizens should be licensed to teach at schools. Even if they are licensed from foreign government, maybe they should be licensed from taiwanese government.

Foreigners are regarded to be licensed if they have proper passport and foreign license.

When a foreign teacher gives up a passport, is the person who is a citizen now still regarded as a licensed teacher, and can be employed as a foreign teacher? The latter part, I don’t think so.

private schools, they may have ways to employ the person, as they can somehow employ foreign teachers without license if they don’t need ARC.


@hannahjweav, do you know what would happen if a foreign teacher in a public school do a naturalization and give up a foreign passport during a semester?

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Good question. I would imagine they would no longer be qualified to work for the school as a foreign English teacher, but maybe could apply for a position as a Taiwanese English teacher in the school. Not sure how that would affect things mid-semester though. @eCanada, let me know if you want a definite answer about this particular situation and I can email someone for you. (I used to work for Teach Taiwan, which helps place certified foreign English teachers in the public schools.)

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thank you @hannahjweav. If you would get an answer, please let us know here too.

at least a naturalized English teacher may be qualified to teach as a substitute teacher.


What if you resume foreign citizenship after obtaining Taiwanese citizenship, as British and Australian citizens can do?

Yes. If the job specifically calls for atoga, you are legally NOT an atoga anymore.

As a matter of fact, if your job is set for an atoga, then you can be fired upon acquiring nationality because you are no longer an atoga.

Or so has been explained to me when I say I want to become a citizen.

If you resume your foreign citizenship, you cannot work for local government as double nationality is forbidden.

And anyways being a naturalized citizen means you get local wages, no longer entitled to get paid big atoga fare.

And remember Taiwanese have to take tests to get licences to perform most jobs, from bakery to taxi driving, accounting, teaching…


Sure. It’s nothing pressing. Just something to consider for the future. If you don’t mind along asking I would appreciate it

Just heard back, and yes, revoking a passport from an English-speaking country would disqualify you for certain jobs, such as foreign English teacher at a public school, but it would open up other opportunities, including substitute teaching. You would most likely be allowed to finish out the year if you naturalize mid-semester.

Hope that helps.


Thanks a lot. Really interesting.

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Anymore updates to this conversation.
Wouldn’t the ease of hiring you and your special native speaking skills, still allow you to keep the same income as a foreigner?