Does Google Maps give voice directions?

I’ve been trying to figure out for some time how to get Google Maps on my S4 to give voice directions.

To no avail.

Does Google Maps indeed give voice directions and ho do I enable it on my S4?

I was doing it recently on an android phone. Well would have been if I had 3G. After you get directions to a location there’s a button that says start navigation or something.

Yes it does, not 100% perfect though … maybe it depends on the device or connection but it’s useable. You give in location, destination and than push start navigation.

Apparently my S4 is a mute version.

Friend’s iPhone worked awesomely when we were in Malaysia.

Will keep on trying…

To activate the voice, search for the place to go, and press and hold the lower right corner “indications” button until you hear the bell sound. If your phone is set on english, you shouldn’t have any problem. I know it works in spanish too, but not in chinese or other rarer languages.

Google Maps now has voice directions for walking and using public transportation.

For example, “walk 3 minutes to Taipei Station bus stop. You’ll take bus 52 which leaves in 7 minutes.”


Volvo and Google are also working together on a HMI system, also called native system

Volvo’s all-electric performance car brand, Polestar, tweeted out a teaser link for Google’s new HMI (human machine interface) system which is expected to debut in the automaker’s upcoming Polestar 2 later this year. …/… Basically, it’s all the stuff you want from Android Auto (including Assistant) baked directly into the car’s infotainment system.

So, when will Google Maps team up with China and announce “the lady in red across the street had sex last night with her boss and she contracted the clap, but she doesn’t know it yet”, " the food cantina to your right is serving diseased pig meat", and many more interesting tidbits as one walks?

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Pretty funny, but wrong thread?

ok, back on topic


Will also occasionally say “get off the bus in 3 more stops at XXX bus stop”. Mindless.

Seems kind of useful.