Does Moving a Printer Often Kill It?

I have an Epson CX3700 printer/scanner/copier. Worked fine before we moved earlier this year.

After the move, it worked intermittently, saving jobs and then suddenly printing them, about everyone other time I turned on the computer. Somebody told me my UBS cord was too long, so got a newer, shorter one.

Since then, the printer doesn’t print at all. Can’t even do a manual test print from the machine itself. I get messages from my OS telling me that there’s a problem with the UBS hookup, but I bought a nice cable and hooked it up correctly.

Do you think we killed the computer in the move? If so, can I use old ink cartridges if they’ve been dormant for a few months?

I’d also like to figure out how to use Skype headphones and desktop speakers at the same time, but I don’t have high hopes for that.


Technology-Impaired Person

Shouldn’t be. I moved my HP Officejet to HK and it works just fine.

my HP died in the move from Taiwan to Phils,not exactly died,but similarly to yours it began erratic actions,like printing documents a few days after being asked to do so…i think it just adapted to the filipino way of life quicker than we did!

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That was one of the funniest damn comments I’ve ever read on Forumosa :laughing:

Yeah, I think I’m going to have to buy a new one. Cripes.

Get an HP OfficeJet, I got one in Germany and it survived the move to Sweden.

Epson inkjets seem a bit like razors - the device is quite cheap but the consumables are pretty expensive. My parents got given an one for free and advised to buy a new ink cartridge for it. That was true, but the problem with it was that you needed to buy about one cartridge per month to keep it working. It needed to be fed regularly, and the food was ferociously expensive.

The HP I had didn’t seem to have the same problem at all.

Epson inkjets seem a bit like razors - [/quote]

What does one call this comment, irony, facetious or astute observation? … ness_model

On the upside, its almost cheaper to buy a new printer with inkjets installed than to replace the old one.

Tomas, no need to feel challenged by technology. If it helps, even those who work every day in the industry are constantly facing new challenges, its only those trying to impress that give out the impression they have come to grips with all aspects.

My advice , and this can be for skype too, is to take things step by step. I was able to talk my elderly parents through the process of installing skype and making sure it runs properly. As we are living so far from home and for me allowed my to talk with my folks regularly, and with video with all my family this is not a small thing, if you like send me a message, I’ll be glad to help.

But if not, here’s the short answer, you can get a cheap headphone/mic from any store for around 500 nt$ , it has two plugs one green one pink, i forget which is which, but they have a picture of a microphone and speaker on it. Your computer, doesnt matter laptop or desktop, all pretty much the same, will have holes to put these two jacks into. They even have pictures and in some cases will be colour co-ordinated (pretty much put the square peg in the square hole). Done!! , then in skype you can do a test call (call yourself and test the audio) , this might involve changing the volume or something, but I have no doubt that a smart guy like yourself will have little problem with this.

Mick, I think the key bit about the speakers/headphones was “at the same time”.[quote=“Tomas”]I’d also like to figure out how to use Skype headphones and desktop speakers at the same time, but I don’t have high hopes for that.[/quote]
Tomas, I think most desktop computers now have at least two stereo outputs: one for speakers and one for headphones. If yours does, you just need to plug both things in and then play about with the settings on the Windows mixer (the easiest way to open that is to double-click the little speaker icon at the bottom right of the screen).

If your computer only has one audio out, you might be able to do the same thing with a splitter adapter that has one stereo plug and two stereo sockets. 3C shops should stock them, and they’re very cheap. The potential problem is that the sound might be a bit quiet. I think it would be OK though.

Thanks very much, gents.

If you plug something into the headphone connector, sometimes that cuts off the sound to other sources. In fact if you look inside the connector, it might be a hardware switch.

I’d get a splitter so you can plug both things in at once.

You have to change the Skype settings and the Windows configuration (sound) … I work with a ‘microphone’ via USB and speakers out via the stereo output … but I had to change the settings in Skype and configuration …

Epson can be a pain in the arse … once an Epson starts printing bad (inkjet heads clogged) it could be possible to get it working again but rarely it keeps working after that … Epson needs to be used at least a few pages per week to keep it going …
Epson has great printer technology but their inkjet heads or really easy to clog-up … remedy: buy new printer instead of spoiling good ink on cleaning the heads …