Does my school need to cancel my ARC?

I’m in a bit of an unusual situation, so I’ll lead with my questions first and then go into the details.

  1. Do I and/or my school need to formally cancel my ARC?
  2. If I attempt to enter Taiwan at some point in the future, what will happen to me from an immigration standpoint?

I have been in the US since early March. Before that I had been in Taiwan for several years working at the same buxiban. I have a 3 year ARC that is set to expire in 2022. I have been in contact with my school. They have informally accepted my resignation and have replaced me, but have not cancelled my ARC. I am confident that they would if I asked them to, and am confident that their intentions are good, but am not at all confident that they have any idea of the implications or the law regarding this situation. It’s a small independent school and they have almost certainly not come across this situation before.

For those curious, what happened was I naively came home for a planned 3 week vacation, and since then have been hunkered down at my parents’ farmhouse in the countryside in order to avoid COVID-19. This involved a series of decisions that made sense to me at the time but in hindsight were obviously highly questionable and have not turned out well. The teacher who has replaced me is a friend of mine who I helped recruit. He has an APRC, which I suspect is why the school is willing to leave my ARC alone.

If and when I came back to Taiwan, the plan would be to pay whatever money to quarantine in a hotel room somewhere, and then either transfer the ARC to a new employer or file for an extension in order to find a new job.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Pretty sure you can work for other companies as long as ARC is valid, but do check again. I do know you need to get a letter of dismissal? from the company to for processing at NIA.

Ah no that ARC is probably no longer valid. You can’t leave the country without notification like that. The employer is supposed to inform labor affairs if they haven’t seen you for three days. I doubt it’ll be a big issue but you’d best get the certificate of employment from them and head to immigration as soon as you arrive.