Does NHI continue with an ARC extension after termination of employment?

As per the title. I finish up this week and will extend my ARC for 6 months while deciding on my next gig. Do I need to visit the NHI offices to keep NHI current? Or will they let it run on. Also at what point would it automatically be cut off?

Since you’re not employed, your NHI should be reduced to the lowest level, but you’ll have to pay it all yourself. You need to go to their offices to find out what your best options are because as a non-citizen the situation isn’t simple (it’s not simple for citizens either).

I’m having my gall bladder removed literally the first day of my freedom but I’m going to presume I’m still covered for that since the diagnosis was confirmed and the operation scheduled weeks ago.

Good luck with the op!
For what it’s worth, the NHI prefers to err on the side of insuring people even when they’ve tried to stop their insurance…

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I’d double check. I’m also on the job-hunting ARC and I had to go into the NHI office to inform them about this.

But did they ask you to pay any monies?

I’m not sure when exactly but within a few weeks I was no longer insured; at the hospital they told me there was no money on the card or something like that.

As long as you have an ARC you are supposed to have and pay NHI and that includes the 6 month extension ARC. Your old boss needs to sign a form to NHI saying that you’re not under them anymore and submit it to the government and then you pay yourself either by credit card or bank account deductions.

Technically once your ARC is cancelled you’re supposed to tell them and they cancel your NHI but in practice as long as you keep paying the premiums they don’t really know or take action.


They send you an invoice a few weeks later.

Are you sure?
This is not what happened with our fellow @spaint

I realize now that I didn’t mention it in my original thread: I have an APRC.

(I’ve also had permission from the NIA to maintain my APRC despite an extended absence. However, I don’t believe this is relevent and I should no longer qualify for NHI since Article 9 of the NHI act says foreign residents need to be present for 6 months in each calendar year to qualify. 10 days is a lot less than 6 months.)