Does self-determination equal independence?

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[Supporting Chen Shui Bien or Lian Zan

OutofChaos wrote:

I can see your point that an act of self-determination is an act of independence, but support for self-determination does not necessarily mean supporting the view that Taiwan should remain independent from China. It would be quite possible for there to be a referendum on Taiwan where the people voted to unify with China. There have been many times in history where a nation has relinquished (at leasts some of) its sovereignty to nter into some sort fo union with another state.


no, self-determination does not equal indepence. who holds the sovereignty?

I think he means that self-determination should lead to a period in which the people vote for themselves regardless of key outside influences, at which point for a moment they are truly independent. Whatever they choose to do with athat independence is an entirely different matter.