Does Shida/Underworld normally sell out / Melt Banana

So now I’ve contributed.

If there’s ONE person who can take 45 seconds to answer I’d really appreciate this, post a bunch of funny videos, be eternally grateful, help out a homeless person or post some info in return. For the love of God, The West and all that is wholesome in the world. I implore your help.

Do I need to spin you a sob story to get an answer? Or am I gonna get 200 views and total silence?


I am an economic migrant working 10 hour days in a mushroom farm in Taoyuan province. Every day I wake up, scrub the floor with a toothbrush for 10 hours, then my boss beats me black and blue and I cry myself to sleep on my bed of hay in the basement.

Once a year, Mr Wu lets me travel to the capital city on a donkey to see the band of my choice. This year, I have chosen Melt Banana.

Deep breath.

The problem is, as a poor provincial worker, I don’t know if The Underworld often sells out, and I need to travel to the capital to buy tickets, or I can book on the phone (and will they honour the booking with no CC) or what???

So can you see my quandry.

If any of you lovely people can find it in your heart to help a brother out, please tell me how I can solve this vicious riddle.

And if you’re not a douche, and want to go, PM me.

I have personally never heard of Underworld selling out and looking at the event, I don’t think there’s a way to get pre-sale tix (, so I would say your best bet would be to get there early as Underworld is VERY VERY small (with a rumor of non-functioning air conditioning last week).

If your torturous boss lets you out at a reasonable time, maybe go by there as early as you can and see if there’s a line forming at the door. if there is, jump in it. if not, go get some snacks in the nearly/almost gentrified neighborhood of shida and keep an eye on the door

Much appreciated Marcus A.

Shame I had to give an Academy speech to get a reply.

There is a number I can call tonight and reserve, but will my name just get biroed on a napkin by some whacked out punk?

I guessed small and hot and sticky. No air-con will be a hassle but kind of atmospheric too.

I best turn up at 5 and hope. I think there’s supposed to be a record shop or something ‘upstairs’ so maybe I’ll do some more digging.

Thx and Peace

Who is Melt Banana?

Nope. Never been turned away from Underworld.

-Nope. Never been turned away from Underworld.

Nice, I might go way early just to be sure.

Only 10 hours a day, eh? When I were a lad, we started the day at 2am and finished at 3am, and if we got hay to sleep on, we thought we’d died and gone to heaven. Some of us did, of course, but that was usually from the beatings. But we was 'appy. And we’d certainly never think to ask the boss for a donkey. We’d say thank you sir for our day off, and we’d walk 300 miles back to the village with a spring in our step. There might be a group of travelling troubadours to welcome us home. ‘Melt Banana’ indeed. Bloody youngsters these days, don’t know they’re born. No respect for their elders, that’s what it is.

Village? You were lucky…

Haven’t seen that in years. I need to loosen up and watch some funnies.

A great band, lots of stuff on youtube.

this explains a bit about Melt Banana

Make sure and come back and tell the tales of the night in the same storytelling voice after the show

Underworld is still open? It looked closed a few closed months back when I passed.

It’s a trap!

Shida is gentrified hell on Earth.

It’s like someone went to Trump Associates and said: “Hey The Donald! could you design us a hip neighbourhood?”

Trump: Sure! Well you’ll need a Starbucks, a Pizza Hut, and 10 handbag shops, right?"

Wrong Donald, wrong.

Melt Banana is like having your brain smashed in by a hotwired 1000volt gameboy for 45 minutes. That’s a good thing, BTW.

[strike]Shida nightmarket[/strike] Shida Rd. and the area surrounding it used to be a fun place. Then the Shida Neighborhood Association of People with Too Much Free Time starting get fussy about little things and ruined it. When I was in my first year of grad school at NTNU (2010), I would still go there pretty often after class for lunch or dinner, but by the time I graduated (2013) I pretty much visited only once a year, if even.

Lol yeah it looked like a neighbourhood that was cool once.

I heard it used to be a Den of Vice! Lots of funny stories in the Taipei press.