Does Soy really cause gynecomastia?

What’s wrong with Beyond Meat?

What’s wrong with man boobs? :sunglasses:

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? Wha? What does boobs on a man have to do with anything?


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To be fair to soy, it’s fine in moderation. If that’s your primary source and you’re eating a lot, it might cause issues depending on your genetics. Estrogen isn’t bad for men when it’s the right levels, no estrogen is actually a problem just like too much.

Being fat is awful for your hormones on the other hand. It is directly correlated to too much estrogen conversion and why you see many overweight men with manboobs.

Except it’s wrong.

Phytoestrogen is not oestrogen in the way that Hydrogen Peroxide is not water.

C18-H24-O2 is Oestrogen
C30-H18-O9 is Phytoestrogen found in Soy. It’s not the same and is not metabolised in the liver into Oestrogen.

A meta-analysis of peer reviewed studies has not found evidence that Phytoestrogen has any effect on male sex hormones.

In fact, They’re as similar to each other as they are to Isopropanol (C3-H8-O)


I think you’re forgetting the title of the thread we’re in. :wink:

Besides, this is exactly what Big Soy wants you to believe…billions of soy dollars are at steak! (intentional misspelling)


binds to estrogen receptors and acts like estrogen. How much it affects you depends on your genetics and amount.

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You’re not wrong. It specifically does state that it binds to oestrogen receptors, but… no evidence of an effect was found. CBD and THC are mirror images of each other yet do completely different things.

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Testosterone and SHBG does not cause gynecomastia, aka man boobs. At least not directly, too much testosterone can cause your body to convert more estrogen that does cause gynecomastia. This study only says it doesn’t affect T levels or SHBG.

The issue is, it does seem to mimic the effects of estorgen, which can cause problems for sensitive individuals.

We’re also forgetting the most serious symptom of soyboyism…the open-mouthed expression that can be seen in the photo above, which has been proven in rigorous double-blind studies to reduce the chances of getting laid to zero.


I’m thoroughly amused, but I like Beyond Meat and have it once a week. It hasn’t affected my ability to get laid, am I doing something wrong? :wink:

The effects take a while to manifest. Get back to us in a few months. :sunglasses:

So 1½ years isn’t enough?

If you really want to experience the effects, you need to up your soy dosage to at least one meal a day. Your low dose is probably only enough to produce mild symptoms like spooning and asking a girl if it’s OK to kiss her.

I think you’re just biased towards the dairy industry. It’s a conflict of interest when it comes from a cow :wink:



It’s not meat


I think milk also is packed full of estrogen.


Is there something you’re not telling us @Dr_Milker?

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I got my man boobs the old fashioned way…with beer…so what the hell do I know? :sunglasses:

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