Does Taiwan have any LO-Jack services?

Does Taiwan have any LO-Jack services? It would be nice to be able to put a GPS tracking device in a motorcycle or car parked on the street. … LE&item=35

Supposedly there are some GPS tracking alarms around like LoJack (see I haven’t seen any of these in person though.

  1. A couple of things to consider though – this kind of Lo-Jack system has its limitations too. One is GSM coverage area, and another is that the GPS is a very weak signal. Some receivers cannot even receive a signal if the antenna is placed only under a motorcycle seat – and an external antenna might give the theives a clue to disable it. Even the better ones cannot receive a good signal under heavy tree cover, indoors or within a metal container (i.e. 40-foot cargo containers). Although you’d know where the most likely last place it was – and where to start searching from there, I’d suspect your bigger problem is #2

  2. I can’t read Chinese that good, but I think this kind of system is DIY, and does not come with a subscription service – which also means it’s up to you to get “Taiwan’s finest” (police force) motivated enough to go track your bike/car down.

If you do run across someone who has one of these for motorcycles, especially that includes some sort of service package that can be demo-ed, let me know – I’d be interested in one too.