Does TAS still allow US citizens to borrow books?

Many moons ago when I arrived, US citizens could go to Taipei American School and borrow books.

Is it still possible to do this?

BTW, I just got a card for the Taipei National Library, and they won’t allow me to borrow books. WTF? At least they have good magazines there.


Another place I heard lends books is A.I.T. but it was from a pretty unreliable source. He told me they have a library. Every time I get over there I forget to check that myth out though.

they used to have a library in the old embassy building at nanhai and chongqing s rds. been many years since i was there but it’s prolly still there.

are you a member of the taipei public library? they have a very good collection of books for children and adults, and you can order books from any branch to be delivered to the branch closest to your house. and you can do all your searching, reservations etc online.