Does the AIT send prints to the FBI?

This morning, while receiving information about APRC, an NIA official, outside of Taipei, told me the AIT in Taipei would send my fingerprints to the FBI. I told the offical that I hadn’t heard of this service. I’ve read everything I can find here and elsewhere about the APRC process, but I’ve not read of the Taipei AIT getting involved in such a way. Seems like an extra bit of time and effort to go into Taipei when I could send the prints off to the FBI myself. Anyone heard of this?

I did it myself.

It was part of a ‘process’ that could have been easily avoided if the dipwads at the Los Angeles Taiwan office possessed even the tiniest of ability or job knowledge.

And they were ugly also. And stupid. And rude. And dressed poorly.

Perfect prep for my journey to this island.

And the answer is: No, the AIT does not provide this service. I sent off an e-mail inquiry last Friday and received the answer today. Makes me a bit cautious about what some NIA folks
might tell me.