Does the Amazon Echo Dot Work in Taiwan?

Spotify is 19 NT for the first 3 months. Pretty cheap to try it out. My buddie’s Echo works great with it. Just tell it to play anything, but make sure to say “on Spotify” at the end of the command.

Compared to the 8.99USD/month (or something near that amount) individual plan in the states, 19NT then 149NT after the first 3 months is still a steal.

One win for Google Home, I don’t have to say “…on Spotify” after commanding it to play music. Google Home does understand some Chinese! If you want something translated or even want to play a mando pop song, it’ll understand the command, most of the time.

Totally agree! It was enough to convince me to give it a shot.

I actually see that as a win for the Echo. You save to specify because it is able to use different applications.

You don’t have to say “…on Spotify” because your Google Home can’t play Spotify. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you put it that way, Google home -1.

I believe the Echo has more third party music app compatibility. Last time I checked, Google Home has around 3 and is the reason why I picked up Spotify. No complaints though, 149NT monthly fee + 2NT transaction fee is not that much. However, if you don’t have unlimited data, that could be a problem.

I use it for free. Just today I listen to music, NPR comedy, and some old fashioned radio shows.

Maybe I misunderstood (it’s known to happen), do you mean when you tell your Google Home to play a song/band/genre, it will choose to play it on Spotify without telling it? I assumed you meant it would start playing music via Play Music (I think that’s what the Google music apps is), and therefore did not need the “…on Spotify”.

Yah, maybe a slight misunderstanding.

When I say, “Hey Google, play 90s rock music” it will respond, “Ok, now playing playlist called 90s rock music on Spotify”

I assume I don’t need to add “…on Spotify” to my command because I have not linked the Play Music app (I think that’s what it’s called too? haha) to my Google home.

That’s intersting. Maybe my friend has more than one music app setup on his Echo. I just know I kept forgetting to specify “on Spotify” and it wouldn’t play.

I don’t have one myself and so have not done any extensive research except for trying to annoy my friend by constantly asking Echo stupid questions and making the music change.

Can’t you set up preferred apps so that when you say something like play music, it knows you prefer Spotify or something else.

No idea. Never even seen the software or the app. Just know a guy who brought one back from the States.

Its not free, dude. Not after 30 days, anyway.

TuneIn Radio is free. TuneIn Radio Pro is not free. You can also subscribe to TuneIn Premium.

Tell them literally everything about you. Let them listen to everything you say.
What could go wrong?

Why do you hate the internet?

The Echo Dot needs an app to connect to: Free for 7 or 30 days, then $100 a year after that.

Yes I hate the internet.

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What about this, an AI assistant that didn’t spy on you!

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My TV is spying on me everytime I get to close it tells me to move back.

My phone don’t even go there. Sometimes it takes confusing pictures of places and people at 2 or 3 the morning. And I don’t even notice them till two or three days later. It must go out on its own.

When I walk past certain stores it tells me that store is where I like to buy certain things. Asks me if I want to provide a report on some place I was three weeks ago. it knows the minute I leave and then the minute I go to the next spot. It even knows the method of transport. It even bitches at me when I don’t wake up on time.

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