Does the DOH not pay its bills?

Did anyone ever hear of this case last year? I just came across it the other day and was curious if anyone knows this man and if in fact the government here does not pay its bills on items ordered? Or was this just a case of sour grapes?

He posted this on an ‘‘WE LOVE TAIWAN’’ website, go figure.

QUOTE UNQUOTE: “I am an American, living in Taiwan. I very much know how advanced Taiwan is and that IF Taiwan really cared, they could offer a lot to the world. HOWEVER, my company has tried doing business with the Taiwan Department of Health, and so far we’ve been greeted with Lies and Deception. The Taiwan Department of Health ordered products from my company during the SARS outbreak, then decided NOT to pay for them because SARS was ending… How can Taiwan ever expect to be an internationally accepted country when they do not follow legal international standards? How? Until Taiwan agrees to act responsibility, then maybe the PRC has a solid reason to keep Taiwan out of ANY international organization until Taiwan can demonstrate they are responsible. This is most important in the medical and health field. The day I see Taiwan come to me, and my STATE GOVERNMENT and say, Mr. Falls, let’s work this out together, on that Day I will again support Taiwan. Until that day I will view the Department of Health on Taiwan as an irresponsible organization without a place in the international arena!”

You’d have to be pretty badly informed to think that Taiwan is worse than China when it comes to responsibility! I’m surprised that the guy who wrote this actually lives in Asia.