Does the extendable visiting-relatives visa still exist?

[quote="Hippo on Mon, 18 Aug 2008 "]I’m on a 60-day visitor-RELATIVES visa meaning my relatives vouch for me every 60 days and I can get an extension. There are a bunch of different codes for a bunch of different visas. Make sure you get the one most advantageous to your situation because once they issue it, it seems like you can only change or modify the visa at the office which issued it.
[/quote]My American friend has an employment based ARC and has lived in Taiwan for 18 years. His 21 year old son wants to come and visit for an indefinite period of time. His son has no education, no job skills, and no desire to attain them. He just wants to come and hang out on his father’s nickel and apparently his father is willing to allow this! :doh: Additionally, he doesn’t want to study Chinese, or make visa runs every 60-days. Would he be able to get a Visiting-Relatives Visa that his father could simply extend every 60-days without having to leave Taiwan? Does this type of visa still exist like which Hippo wrote about? My friend would appreciate any information and/or personal experience in this area. Thanks.

Best place to ask is the immigration department. Surely they can give an accurate reply.

Please don’t shout. Thanks. :bow:

Please don’t shout. Thanks. :bow:[/quote]

I didnt hear a thing. Anyways with my poor eyesight the larger text was easier to read without using my glasses. :smiley: