Does the foreign dad have any right?


Can anybody please help me to understand some legal stuff? Here is the picture: A kid is born in to TWN mom who has the kid out of wedlock from a foreign dad. Does the foreigner have any rights on thd kid? Such as:

  1. To have his name on the kid’s Birth Certificate.
  2. To apply for the kid’s foreign passport.
  3. Custody of the kid.
  4. Take the kid with him to his country of origin.

Again, the kid’s parents are NOT married. I hope somebody can help cause this is driving me nuts.


You better ask Richard Hartzell. You definitely have rights, I’ve no idea what they are. My daughter has my last name on her birth certificate, I think she had to by law. You can also get her/him a passport for your home country but you’ll need to find out what documents from them. As for custody, if you can’t come up with an agreement I would assume you’ll have to go to court and fight it out. But again, ask Hartzell. That’s the best advice.

Sounds like it could be rather complicated. Perhaps you should make an appointment and we could talk about it in detail . . . . . . .

Hi Mr. Hartzell.

I would be glad to sit down with you to talk about my problem if my live in foreign partner would have any rights to our kid. Please let me know if we can meet this Friday or Saturday. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. I look forward to meet you.

Belle. :slight_smile: