Does the news freak you out?

I regularly read the news. BUT I realise most of it’s just sensationalism to sell newspapers.

  • I regularly read the news. And it depresses me.
  • I hardly ever read the news. Not interested.
  • I hardly ever read the news, BECAUSE it depresses me.
  • I don’t need to read the news, I already know the world’s going to hell in a handbag.
  • There are English newspapers in Taiwan?

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To what extent does the news freak you out?

Yesterday, reading the Taipei Times I was left feeling somewhat gloomy. The only piece of “uplifting news” that had me laughing was an inset on a local celebrity insisting that her nipples are light chocolate in color, and not black as everyone saw when they recently popped out of her dress, and a South African Scientist, Prof Manger, that claims dolphins are actually dumb much to the horror of dolphin lovers everywhere.

Reading the headlines on a South African news website I’m just mulling over this and wondered how the rest of you feel. The headlines read:
Sport losing to whiskey… :astonished:
Johannesburg fire claims 10th victim… :frowning:
Man torn to pieces by cars… :astonished:
Dead school girl was raped… :noway: :loco:
World loves SA wine… :slight_smile:

I read the news and I feel OK. Then I go to IP and it depesses me.

But you’re right, the news these days is pretty dark. But perhaps these things have been going on all the time, but with new reporting technology and on the spot coverage, more bad news gets to your house faster.

You’re right, and in my little world (fortunately) nothing untoward ever happens. But to have all this depressing news couriered to my doorstep with such efficiency is sometimes too much.

I mean, who the hell rapes dead girls?

I guess a pedofilic-necrophiliac.

Pedonecrophile or Necropedofile?

Did he rape her repeatedly? because then he might be a

nymphopedonecrofiliac … gotta watch out for those…

Where’s the option: “I read news everyday. & it’s all the same. Nothing new under the sun. Drive on, dive, ono.”?

Sorry mate, can’t seem to edit the poll. :wink:

Depressing news makes me feel better about my life. :smiley:

Were there any pics of the offending nipples? Chocolate? Black? The readers have the right to determine the precise nipple shade for themselves. We’re living in a peace-loving democratic green silicon Asian operations hub, for god’s sakes! We have a RIGHT to see this woman’s nipples. Freedom of the press!

Well, they had a story about it in Next Magazine, but no nipples. Only an upskirt picture of her dancing and and enlarged pic of her panties… :unamused: Why they always have upskirt pics of celebs and their armpits??

The news is crazy. Plain crazy.

This just in… ‘TomHills parents argue over who is going to walk the dogs.’

If they got rid of the news the world would be a safer place. Now thats logic you can’t argue with.

I love Taiwan news! It’s good entertainment! I love the cartoons on actual events that happened… :wink:

I like to look at those cartoon re-enactments in the Apple Daily, even though I have no idea what they say.