Does the temperature feel hot everywhere?

Confirmed. Saw it yesterday on my commute back home from work.
:loco: :loco: :loco: :loco:

Must be some kind of metabolic disorder. usually, it is a very thin person in a huge, Marshmallow Man size jacket.

I see either people covering the whole body (for avoiding taint or perhaps UV) or people lifting their t-shirts for getting extra aeration xD

I think we all have this basic range of temperatures we’re happy with which seems to be a range of about 20 degrees. I am happiest between 5 and 25 degrees. Fat helps with the cold: I AM the walrus, plus I grew up in n. Europe: I can’t imagine weather where I’d wear one of those jackets. Skiing? Harbin in winter? Never wore a jacket in Taiwan. But conversely I’m red, sweaty and bad-moody if I have to do anything other than drink iced lattes and bitch over 25 degrees, probably because of my extra insulation. Doesn’t help having mega-pale skin. :laughing:

You should be up in one of the hill stations far away from the summer pestilence of the lowland cities (not to mention being safely distant from the inflamed passions of the natives with their insatiable summer-time lust for White women). May I suggest Mokanshan, or better yet, Kuling? Kuling is a bit overrun with Protestant missionaries at this time of year, the various branches mistrustfully eyeing one another, but it’s a lovely location - 3,500 feet of elevation - with all the modern conveniences: tennis courts, a hotel, and a swimming pool.

UV and taints? :laughing: Am I missing something here?



Sir, I AM the summer pestilence of the lowland cities.

(Um, where do I meet the inflamed natives? My friend wants to know.)

Argh! Proddies!

Up hills in China-wise, I’m a bit lazy to trail to tourist spots to play with batses and balls, tbh. I’m off to my ancestral village tomorrow, then Santorini where there is decidedly No Pool. There will also be nothing to eat that doesn’t involve raw tomatoes. S’OK here now: only about 35 degrees. It gets hot in August, 'pparently.

I think it’s the law that it can’t be set lower than 26 C in indoor public spaces (MRT, shopping malls, etc.). Which sucks for me, because 25 C is my ideal AC setting.

Do you adjust to the heat over time?

I’m from a place were our hottest day last year was around 24c and humidity just does not exists.
I start sweeting around 22c so as soon as I leave our apartment I’m damp or worse.

Please tell me it gets better

You won’t adjust if you spend most of your time in AC especially if you are setting your AC at 22C (or lower).

I dunno if it’s because I rode yesterday (quite a lot for my current lazy ass life :P), but I have been sweating the whole weekend).

I’ve heard legends of people adjusting, but 15 years in, I still loathe summer. Then again, I have adjusted in a way. I am now reasonably comfortable in a drenched T-shirt.

Excellent! To Greece, to the very Cradle of Western Civilization! Drink from the fountain of culture my dear and return fortified to China to continue the civilizing mission.

Yea, trying gradually work the ac up

Hot one today up my way. Was 27c at 1pm. Cooling down now.

Super hot.

What a great thread! :laughing:

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Bastard! I’d sell my beloved grandmother to be in Alishan right now. :rofl:


No need to gloat… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: