Does the US Provoke Wars?

What leftists sounded like before they got coopted by the powers that be.

The only way for the US to avoid “provoking” China is to stand back and let them do what they want. South China Sea developments have made that clear, not to mention Taiwan and the Senkakus.

Is it the US MIC that is goading China into salami slicing in the Himalayas? No.

Not that the MIC doesn’t have a vested interest in the military and associated industry, but it is awfully naive to present China as having no agency, responsibility, or agenda here.


Sorry, is this the “top general” that said he has a “gut feeling” about the possibility of war with China in the next two years? The one the pentagon was careful to distance itself from by saying that his words are a reflection of his opinion only? That one?

Edit to clarify: I read the headline “Top General: War with China possible in 2 years”, rolled my eyes, posted the above, watched the video, realized the guy is shouting common sense into the abyss, and now apologize for making assumptions

Yeah, not saying I agree with Dore’s perspective, but it’s interesting how things have come full circle. I still remember when the Democrats were the antiwar party.


Wow. Now that I actually listened to that rant, I think this might be first time in my life I can say anyone on Tucker Carlson is talking sense. You go shout to Fox News about that missing pentagon money and the proxy wars that were started by GOP presidents!

You should watch his show more. Lots of his guests talk sense.

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Yeah, he’ll do that all day on his show, but not wise to do it on Fox if he wants to continue to have that platform. It’s a fair criticism, but also a valid strategy.

If I were getting a PhD in linguistics, I would do research on how all cable talk show hosts, regardless of slant, talk in a cadence that makes you incredibly angry/raises your blood pressure about whatever it is that is being talked about. Anyone can talk in that cadence about how the weather is perfect for a picnic and we should all go outside and enjoy the beautiful day and anyone listening to it would be ready to start a nuclear war over lovely days. It’s like hypnotism in the worst way possible.

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If I were supervising you, I’d say there’s probably a body of literature based on Hitler that you could start with.

Edit: 2 minutes later, no charge

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It doesn’t have that affect on me at all. Years of watching CNN has probably inured me to it.

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We didn’t blow up the Nordstream Pipeline. Ask anyone who works at State.

That would be like trying to get a straight answer from the White House press secretary. :sweat_smile:


Also, “Germany’s technology”? What technology?

Oh they’ll give you a straight answer.

I don’t think the Democrats are the hawk party, they are just not the appeasement party. It’s not like Democrats are screaming let’s set American boots in Ukraine, and destroy illegal Chinese man-made militarized islands in the South China Sea.

Anyhoo, I’m pretty sure some people on this forum still remembers when the Democrats were the state right party, and the Republicans were the party that gets the most votes from African Americans. I mean, that’s less than 60 years ago.

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Yes. Why take the political risk of dead American soldiers when a good old-fashioned proxy war will do just fine. :sweat_smile:

Some people/party like to put American boots on the ground. Want to see a list of recent wars with actual boots on the ground and who was in charge?

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Thanks, but I’m aware. I’m not representing a particular side.

Sorry if I sounded a bit flamebaity. Guys like Jimmy Dore who pushes the propaganda that non-appeasement equals provocation make my blood boil…

It’s not propaganda. We have a long history of people in the US who do not want to be involved in foreign conflicts. Dore is consistent in that, agree or disagree.

The Dems used to be more closely associated with that school of thought, but it’s pretty much history now. Not to say that the GOP has taken up that torch. There is a noticeable anti-war element in the GOP now, but don’t expect them to actually accomplish anything.

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